DLP Meal Plans

Disneyland Paris Meal Plans

Disneyland Paris Meal Plans

To make the most of your time in Disneyland Paris resort you can now save time and money by buying a meal plan in advance, if it is not already part of your package. The Disney Meal Plans can be a real bonus for people who want to be safe in the knowledge that their whole trip is paid for and all they need to worry about is their spending money and enjoying the magic. See the full range of plans below :

Disneyland Paris Meal PlansBenefits of Disney Meal Plans

You can be safe in the knowledge that your food is paid for in advance.

Up to 15% savings as opposed to paying for your meals when you are there.

There are now FIVE plans to choose from which are priced according to the variety of restaurants in each meal plan. You can choose from just breakfast or choose Half or Full board at 3 different price levels.

How do Disneyland Paris Meal Plans work ?

Simply select which meal plan suits your budget and your needs during checkout and add it to your package. The range of Meal Plans are shown below.DLP Meal Plans

Upon arrival at your hotel you will be given your vouchers to use as full or part payment at your restaurant. Everything is taken care of to ensure the easiest possible check-in.

Ask reception or call your chosen restaurants in advance to ensure a table at your restaurant of choice. This is advisable especially during peak season so that you don’t have to queue…… which leaves more time for enjoying the parks !

You will have the choice of over 20 dining establishments during your magical stay with no hassles. Fine Dining to Fast Food, it’s all taken care of and the choice is completely yours.

Which DLP Meal Plan is best for me ?

Each plan can be booked depending on your own budget & required level.

PLEASE NOTE : These are for PAID FOR meal plans! If you have booked a package with a FREE dining plan then breakfast *may* be a counter service voucher for certain locations inside the parks but you can upgrade to a hotel breakfast for a small premium. Check your invoice for details. Lunch &/or Dinner vouchers remain the same as the Paid for meal plans.

Breakfast Meal Plan –  entitles you to 1 voucher per person per night to eat a buffet breakfast at YOUR hotel only. Breakfast is already included in the price of your stay if you book a Suite or a Room at the Castle Club, Empire State Club, Compass Club, Golden Forest Club or at the Algonquin’s Explorers Hotel.

Half Board Meal Plan –  includes 2 meals per day (breakfast plus lunch OR dinner) per person, per night of your stay.

  • Hotel Plan – Buffet breakfast at your own hotel plus a lunch OR dinner at your own hotel’s buffet restaurant. Drinks are not included.
  • Standard Plan – Buffet breakfast at your own hotel plus lunch OR dinner at a buffet restaurant of your choice from the list below. One soft drink included.
  • Plus Plan – Buffet breakfast at your own hotel plus  lunch OR dinner at a buffet restaurant or table service restaurant (Set Menu) of your choice from the list below. One soft drink included.
  • Premium Plan – Buffet breakfast at your own hotel plus lunch OR dinner at a buffet restaurant or Table service restaurant (Full Menu) of your choice from the list below. One soft drink included.

Full Board Meal Plan –  includes 3 meals per day, breakfast, lunch AND dinner, per person, per night.

  • Hotel Plan – Buffet breakfast at your own hotel. The lunch voucher can be exchanged at certain quick service restaurants (Meal plus drink) from the list below. Guests staying at the Disneyland Hotel may use their lunch voucher at any buffet restaurant or quick service restaurant for lunch. Dinner voucher is for your own hotel’s buffet restaurant. Drink not included.
  • Standard Plan – Buffet breakfast at your own hotel plus lunch AND dinner at a buffet restaurant of your choice from the list below. One soft drink included.
  • Plus Plan – Buffet breakfast at your own hotel plus  lunch AND dinner at a buffet restaurant or table service restaurant (Set Menu) of your choice from the list below. One soft drink included.
  • Premium Plan – Buffet breakfast at your own hotel plus lunch AND dinner at a buffet restaurant or Table service restaurant (Full Menu) of your choice from the list below. One soft drink included.

Prices for DLP Meal Plans

(Please turn your device to HORIZONTAL to view full table)

Disneyland Paris Breakfast Plan Prices (pppn*)

Breakfast Plan Davy Crockett’s Ranch Cheyenne Santa Fe Sequoia Lodge Newport Bay Hotel New York Disneyland Hotel
Adult £12 €21 €21 €24 €28 €28 €36
Child £12 €14 €14 €17 €24 €23 €27

Disneyland Paris Hotel Plan Prices (pppn*)

Hotel Plan Davy Crockett’s Ranch Cheyenne Santa Fe Sequoia Lodge Newport Bay Hotel New York Disneyland Hotel
Adult €32 €32 €32 €46 €46 €46 €81
Child €23 €23 €23 €31 €31 €31 €54

Disneyland Paris Standard, Plus & Premium Meal Plan Prices (pppn*)

 Adult Standard  Child Standard  Adult Plus Child Plus Adult Premium  Child Premium
 Half Board  £36 £25  £50  £34  £88  £55
 Full Board  £54  £38  £69 £46  £115  £80

*Per person Per night

Disneyland Paris Meal Plans

Disneyland Paris Meal Plan Restaurants


(Please turn your device to HORIZONTAL to view full table)

RestaurantHotelStandardPlusPremiumFood StyleLocation
Annette's DinerAmerican DinerVillage
Auberge de CendrillonFrench CuisineFantasyland
Beaver Creek TavernAmericanSequioa Lodge
Captain Jack'sSeafoodAdventureland
Cafe MickeyTraditionalVillage
California GrillGourmetDisneyland Hotel
Cape CodSeafoodNewport Bay
Chuck Wagon CafeWesternCheyenne
Crockett's TavernFamily CookingCrockett's Ranch
Hunters GrillInternationalSequoia Lodge
InventionsInternationalDisneyland Hotel
La CantinaTex-MexSanta Fe
La GrangeTexanVillage
ManhattanCosmopolitanHotel New York
Downtown RestaurantCosmopolitanHotel New York
Plaza GardensInternationalMain Street
Agrabah CafeMediterraneanAdventureland
Restaurant des StarsInternationalStudios
Silver Spur SteakhouseSteak & BBQFrontierland
The SteakhouseSteak & BBQVillage
Walt's American RestaurantFine DiningMain Street
Yacht ClubWorld CuisineNewport Bay
Chez RemyFrenchStudios
Buffalo Bills WWSAmericanVillage
Cowboy Cookout BBQTex-MexFrontierland

It can be daunting choosing where to eat in Disneyland Paris so sometimes a meal plan bought in advance can help ease the stress. Choose from above which plan suits you and if you are still unsure then why not pop over to our main Disneyland Paris Dining pages to see the menus for restaurants in Disneyland Paris parks, village and hotels.

How to Book a Disneyland Paris Meal Plan

Disneyland Paris meal plans are only available to guests who are staying in one of the 7 main Disneyland Paris Hotels. Meal Plans must be reserved in advance. If you are booking online then you will have the option to add a meal plan to your package during the checkout process. If you are booking by phone the operator will advise you of any meal plans available & ask if you wish to add one. You can add a meal plan after you have booked by calling the Disneyland Paris team on 08448 008 111.

If you are booking via a travel agent then you can still add a Meal Plan option. Ask your agent for a quote to add to your booking. You will receive your Meal Plan vouchers upon arrival at your chosen hotel.

How to Use DLP Meal Plan vouchers

It is always advisable to book restaurants in advance to avoid missing out especially during peak times. Once you are seated & given a menu please advise your server that you have the Meal Plan & show them your vouchers. This allows the server to alert you which menu is available for your chosen plan or if there is a set menu for example. Once you have finished your meal, simply hand over your vouchers as payment. Please note that you are free to order items which are not covered by your vouchers (such as alcoholic drinks etc.) and your server will bill you for these items separately at the end.

Can you use Vouchers at other restaurants not on your Meal Plan?

Yes! Although the Meal Plans all have their set restaurants where you can exchange your voucher for full payment, it is great to know that you are free to use your vouchers at other restaurants which are not on your Meal Plan list. You can exchange the Meal vouchers for cash value at ANY Disney restaurant who accepts a Meal Plan.

Every meal voucher has the value in cash written on them. If the voucher covers the cost of your meal then there will be no payment required other than the voucher itself. You can also use your Meal Plan voucher as “part payment” for a meal. For example you may be on the standard plan but want to eat in a premium location. That’s fine! Just alert your server at the start of your meal and they will deduct the value of your voucher from the cost of the premium meal, leaving you to just pay the difference. The Meal Plans are very flexible & it’s a great way to get every penny of value out of your plan.

What is the PAUSE GOURMANDE treat at Disneyland Paris?

The PAUSE GOURMAND treat used to be included as part of the Disneyland Paris Meal Plan options but was discontinued as a free addition in March 2017. You can, of course, still purchase a Pause Gourmand treat whether you have the new meal plan or not at a cost of roughly €5-€7 & many outlets also offer “souvenir” options which include a souvenir Mug or Straw. The below description is kept here for posterity but please note there are now no vouchers or free pause gourmands with meal plans.

Pause Gourmande is one hot or cold drink PLUS a teatime treat during the hours of 3-6pm each day. The Pause gourmande treat can be things such as Churros, Cookies, Mickey cakes, Doughnuts, Cupcakes, Ice Cream bars, Selected cakes & Brioches. What is offered depends on which eatery you are buying from.

Where can you use pause gourmande vouchers?

When you receive your voucher you will see a list of accepted restaurants/food outlets printed on it. We know you like to prepare in advance & as you may not receive your vouchers until check-in we will try & give some extra info. Listed below are the outlets which have in the past allowed you to use your Pause Gourmande vouchers for a teatime treat. Please note that this is not a definitive list but it will be a very good guide :

  • Casey’s corner
  • Cable Car Bakeshop
  • Restaurant en Coulisse
  • Café Hyperion
  • Bella Notte
  • Blockbuster Cafe
  • Market House Deli
  • Cookie Kitchen
  • Cowboy Cookout
  • Victorias Home-style Restaurant
  • Chalet de la Marionette
  • Fuente del Oro
  • New York Sandwiches




  1. Hi

    Are you able to purchase different meal plans per day. For example we won’t arrive till late on Monday so will not want a meal plan on that day. We would want a premium to utilise Wild West show one day and then the plus on another day. Is this possible?

    Thank in advance.

  2. Hi
    I’ve booked the kyriad Disney hotel for may 2019 can
    I still book meal plans staying here?
    Our breakfast is included but would like character dining ??

    • Hi Joe,

      You can’t book a meal plan (half board etc) but you can book individual character dining meals in the parks. Call the restaurant booking line or make reservations on arrival at Town Hall

      Kind Regards

  3. Hi,

    What does ‘ dinner ‘consist of please , on the meal plans ? Is it one, two or three courses ?

    • Hi, sorry for the late reply.

      Depending on meal plans & restaurants you will either receive an all you can eat buffet (plus a drink) or a 2 course meal or 3 course meal. Each restaurant has its own set menu.

      Kind Regards

        • Hi,

          The standard full board vouchers have a meal value of around €31 per adult & €16 per child. You can either use them at any of the listed restaurants for the plan for full payment or you can use the value towards eating at any other Disney restaurant.

          Kind regards

          • Hi do you know what the value is of a half board meal plan? Struggling to find the information I need to work out if it’s worth it

          • Hi Michelle,

            It depends what hotel & level of meal plan you have but per day the value is…

            Standard = £36 adult £25 child per day
            Plus = £50 adult £34 child
            Premium = £88 adult £55 child

            Kind regards

    • Hi Lisa, i am so sorry this message didnt get through earlier. Under 3s do not get a meal plan but they can eat off your plate at buffet restaurants.

  4. Hello everyone

    We are planning to travel to disney at end off this yr, Am looking at gettin Standard full board plan,, but i cant seem to find which set menus is for which plan in different resturants,, like is the plan worth it ??

    • Hi,

      You can see which restaurant you can use for the plus meal plan here – https://dlptips.com/dining-2/dlp-meal-plans/

      We also have all restaurants menus on our site. The PLUS option is usually signalled with a small image at the top of the menu itself.

      The full board option is generally regarded by most visitors as A LOT of food & most prefer the half board option with flexibility for a snack or light lunch/dinner.

      The value really depends on which restaurant you choose but the security of having your main meals paid for in advance is the biggest reason for buying in advance. The savings can be around 10-15% on paying on the day.

      I hope this helps

      Kind regards

  5. Hi Billy –

    Do you know if I can use my vouchers at the Quick Service restaurants?

    We have plus but struggling to get a booking anywhere!!

    Thanks 👍🏻

    • Hi Roisin,

      Yes, you can use your vouchers at any Disney restaurant. If the meal costs more you pay the difference but if it costs less then you are just losing value i’m afraid. Even though there are no booming spots left at restaurants you may find that you can get a walk in on the day. To maximise chances try getting a table when you are there at the non peak times such as 3-5pm. Go to Town Hall when you first arrive and ask them if there are spaces anywhere during your stay. They do hold some spaces back.

      Good Luck!


  6. You if you are staying 2 night full board, do meals have to be spent on specific days, or could they be spread across the three days on park – eg dinner day one, lunch and dinner day 2, then lunch on day three? Or are they specific to a set day, and if so how does that relate to the night staying in the hotel?

    • Hi Michael,

      You can use your vouchers for any meals you choose up until midnight on the day you checkout. You could leave them all until the last day or use them all on your first day. It’s entirely up to you. So for a 2 night stay beginning on Monday you could use your vouchers from when you arrive on Monday right up until midnight on Wednesday. You can use them for lunch or dinners and yes, you can save a meal from day one to use on day 3 It’s very flexible

      I hope that helps

      Kind Regards

  7. Hello I’m going to DLP first time in may 2022 and I have the plus meal plan and I’m stopping in the Davy Crockett ranch please do you kn how much in euros the meal vouchers are worth for lunch and dinner so I can work out where we will be eating and what we want to order as I have a 2 year old and she will have to eat of my plate but she’s a big eater so don’t think she will leave much for me 😂

    • Hi Kayleigh,

      The meal plans changed on March 31st & Disney have been slow releasing exact information. The lunch/dinner value for plus should be around €37~€40 euro. What i will say to you though is as you have a 2 year old then the best advice would be to eat at All You Can Eat buffet restaurants. This would allow you to have her eat off your plate but also mean that you wouldn’t be losing out on the amount you paid for & ate yourself.

      Kind regards

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