Visitors with Disabilities

Visiting Disneyland Paris with Disabilities

Disneyland Paris takes it’s responsibilities to those visitors with disabilities very seriously. Disneyland Paris goes above & beyond the norm to bring the magic of Disney to everyone whether they have a physical disability, reduced ability or cognitive & unseen disabilities. You can view the official accessibility guide HERE which will help you plan your stay and we have listed below the main points to help you have a magical stay.


Does Disneyland Paris offer a Disability Pass?

There are 2 levels of Pass currently on offer. These are the Easy Access Card (sometimes called the Facilitated Access Card) & the Priority Card.

How do I obtain one of the Disability Passes?

Disabilities at DLPYou can obtain your Easy Access Pass or Priority Pass at Town Hall in Disneyland Park or Studio Services in the Walt Disney Studios.

If you have booked a Disneyland Paris package including hotel then you can also obtain a disability pass from your concierge on arrival. Perhaps the easiest & most time efficient way to order a Priority Access Pass is online via the Disneyland Paris website.

You can request a Priority Access Pass disability pass online up to one month before your arrival date. You will be required to have a photo taken on your arrival day to be added to the pass.


Will I be eligible for a Disability Pass?

Disability passes are given on a case-by-case basis so we cannot answer this accurately for you. Guests with disabilities or a Long Term Chronic Disease can request a Priority Card or Easy Access Card for certain activities and services, depending on the official document provided by the Guest.


What Disability Passes are available at Disneyland Paris?

Priority Disability Pass

Priority Access Pass
Credit to DLPreport

The Priority Disability Pass is in the form of a credit card sized pass complete with a photograph of the disabled party. Each Priority Disability Pass allows disabled guests & up to 4 helpers/group members priority (but not immediate) access at attractions, shows, parades, selfie spots as well as shop & restaurant checkouts.

You may have up to 2 helpers/group members assist you in fireworks or parades areas. Queuing times will be dependant on visitor numbers but is generally much less than the average standard wait times.

The Pass can only be used if the person with the disability intends to ride the attraction. To qualify you must provide an officially recognised medical document (details below) which is recognised by Disneyland Paris.

You will also be entitled to 25% Discount on day tickets or Annual Passes for both the disabled guest plus one carer.

How do i apply online for a Priority Access Card?

Visit the Disneyland Paris disability section and hit the “Request a Card” button under Priority Disability Pass section. From here you will be asked for a few short details regarding your pass so that you can be given the best & most practical assistance at each attraction dependant on your needs.

1. Choose a valid proof of disability particular to your country of residence.
2. What is the date of Visit?
3. Let us know if you use a wheelchair or other device used as a wheelchair.
4. Will you be accompanied at all attractions?
5. Are you able to embark/disembark from an attraction’s vehicle on your own or with an accompanying persons assistance, and in a timely manner?
6. In case of evacuation, are you able to climb down a ladder or many stairs and walk by narrow and dark paths on your own or with your companion’s help ?
7. You then supply some contact information and upload a digital photo (passport style) to complete your request.

Once you have supplied the above details you will be sent a confirmation email & your card will be ready to pick up on the day of your visit.

What documents do I need to prove disability for a Priority Access Pass?

Disneyland Paris receives visitors from all over the world and there are many different versions of what is classed as proof. If you follow the 7 steps above for online registration you will see during stage 1 what the required documents specific to your country are. As an example we have listed below what documents are eligible from UK visitors (as most visitors to this site are from the UK) :

United Kingdom
We accept the following valid documents from this country:

Disability Living Allowance
Attendance Allowance Award
Personal Independence Payment 
Parking Card for Disabled People 
Armed Forces Compensation Scheme 
National Disability Card ID
Disabled ID
Access Card 
Recognised Assistance Dog ID Card, issued by
Assistance Dogs International (ADI)
The International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF)
Assistance Dog UK (ADUK)
Registration Card BD8
Certificate of Visual Impairment (CVI)

As you can see, the list is quite extensive in catering for many official forms of proof issued by a designated country. It is important to note that a letter from a GP or doctor is not sufficient evidence on it’s own without a supporting document as detailed in each countries list of acceptable proofs.

Easy Access Pass

The Easy Access Pass is for use by those who have a long term chronic disease or illness which may not entitle you to be registered disabled but still means you have disability issues. To use the Easy access system simply present your Easy Access Card together with your “appointment book” at an attraction and you will be given a timeslot to return and enter the attraction to ride. You can only make one reservation at a time and cannot reserve another timeslot until the first time has elapsed. The Easy Access Pass gives you entrance to the Disability access areas & entrances.

Easy Access card holders can be accompanied by up to 4 people for attractions.

Disneyland Paris has a list of 30 long term chronic illnesses which qualify for the easy Access Card. .

Long term Chronic Illnesses recognised by Disneyland Paris

1. Debilitating stroke.
2. Bone marrow aplasia and other chronic types of cytopenia.
3. Chronic arterial disease with ischemic events.
4. Complicated schistosomiasis.
5. Chronic heart failure, chronic heart valve disease, serious heart arrhythmia, chronic congenital heart
6. Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis.
7. Severe primary immunodeficiency disorder requiring long-term treatment, human immunodeficiency
virus (HIV).
8. Type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes.
9. Severe neurological and muscular disorders (including myopathy), severe epilepsy.
10. Haemoglobinopathy, chronic constitutional/severe acquired haemolysis,
11. Haemophilia and severe constitutional haemostatic disorders.
13. Coronary artery disease.
14. Acute/chronic respiratory failure.
15. Leprosy.
16. Parkinson’s disease.
17. Inherited metabolic disorders requiring long-term specialised treatment.
18. Cystic fibrosis.
19. Acute/chronic nephropathy and primary nephrotic syndrome.
20. Paraplegia.
21. Periarteritis nodosa, acute disseminated lupus erythematosus, progressive systemic sclerosis.
22. Severe progressive rheumatoid arthritis.
23. Long-term psychiatric disorders.
24. Ulcerative colitis and progressive Crohn’s disease.
25. Multiple sclerosis.
26. Progressive structural scoliosis (where the curve is 25 degrees of more) through to spinal maturity.
27. Severe ankylosing spondylitis.
28. Organ transplant disorders.
29. Active tuberculosis.
30. Malignant tumour, lymphoma or haematopoietic cancer.

You will need an original medical certificate (in French or English) dated within the last 3 months prior to your visit, signed & stamped by your doctor certifying that you have a long term chronic illness along with the number of the illness above. You will be entitled to add ONE person to your card as a helper. If you need more people added (such as children who couldn’t be left alone while you ride) then mention this to the Cast Member when you apply for your pass.

How long is the Disability Pass valid?

Disability Passes are valid for 7 days. If you book an online Priority Access Pass and subsequently have to cancel or change your dates of visit then please make a new request online. Annual Pass holders will receive a disability Pass covering the entire duration of the Annual Pass.

Do disabled guests require an accompanying person or carer?

No. Guests with disabilities are not required to visit with a carer or accompanying person to enjoy Disneyland Paris. This choice is left to the Disabled guest although it may benefit yourself in terms of assistance you may require during your visit.

Accessibility & Assistance for Disabled Guests

Guide & Assistance Dogs

Guide & Assistant Dogs are welcomed throughout the Disneyland complex and also on certain attractions. These dogs also have use of the garden areas. It is advisable to bring food and a drinking bowl for your dog for use throughout the day. Cast Members are not authorised to look after dogs at any time. If you wish to ride an attraction which does not allow Guide Dogs then please leave them with one of your helpers.

Guide dogs & assistance dogs are allowed to relieve themselves in the Disneyland Paris gardens, however, we would be grateful if guests could clean up any mess if at all possible.
If you plan to visit Disneyland Paris with a service animal, please make sure you have up-to-date travel documents with you (proof of vaccination, documented proof that the animal is an assistance animal). These will need to be presented when you check in to your hotel or at the entrance to the Disney Parks.

Disabilities at DLPWheelchair Rentals

Manual wheelchairs can be rented at the Wheelchair & Strollers Rental point just inside each of the Disney Parks. They cannot be pre-booked and are subject to availability each day. The cost is currently €25 per day (current 2022 price) & a deposit of €200 is required by cheque or credit card imprint. Cast Members are not authorised to accompany you around the Disney parks. If you own an Infinity Annual Pass then hire is FREE!

There are private companies in the surrounding area who can deliver a wheelchair to your hotel for use in the Disney Parks. We suggest using a search engine to find prices & terms for these providers.

First Aid at DLP

There are dedicated First Aid rooms at Disneyland Paris in both the Studios & the Disneyland Park itself if you begin to feel unwell or need any sort of medical attention. Please also check out our DLP FIRST AID GUIDE.

  • Disney Studios – Front Lot between Studio Services & Studio Photo shop
  • Disneyland Park – Between Plaza Gardens Restaurant & Discovery Arcade

Shopping Service

Disneyland Paris provides a “shopping service” to all guests and this can be helpful for disabled guests in particular. In any Disney merchandise store, if you finish your shopping before 3pm then you can simply leave your purchases in the store until 6pm when you can then pick them up. You can also choose to have the purchases delivered back to your Disney Hotel FREE OF CHARGE later that evening.


All Disney toilets can be accessed by any guests who have reduced mobility. Each toilet is equipped with flashing warning light in event of an evacuation. If a disabled adult (or child under 3) requires changing then please visit one of the First Aid Centres where you will be accommodated further.

Disabled Car Parking

Guests with disabilities can use the designated parking spaces available in both the main park and the motorhome car park. To use these spaces you need only present the payment booth operator with your Blue Badge or European Parking Badge upon arrival. Accessible car parking spaces at Disney hotels, resorts & park’s car parking area are marked clearly with a wheelchair symbol. Only a limited number of designated spaces are available.


    • Hi,

      Yes, you would need some form of note from a doctor or paediatrician dated within the 3 months before you visit etc which you would take to Town Hall in Disneyland Park. Explain to the CM and they will issue a pass for whaetever your needs may be.


      • Hi,
        I’m visiting Disneyland Paris next week. My partner and I joined as annual pass members last month.
        I have a condition and subsequently surgery that requires regular toilet access for catheterisation and I have got a letter from my doctor to take to Disneyland with me, as the queues may be difficult for me if I suddenly need to go!!
        It’s only when I read this feed that I realised my partner doesn’t need an annual pass if he’s with me. Is there a way of getting a refund on his pass? Thank you, KT

        • Hi Kate,

          Your partner would only get free access if you had a Doctors letter stating tgat you require a carer to assist you. Unfortunately i can’t help you with a refund as it’s not something i have ever heard of anyone asking for.

          My only advice would be to call the Annual Pass office or contact ghest services & let them know you purchased in error. Hopefully they are accommodating.

          Kind Regards

  1. They really take good care of you, I went to Disneyland with my Son. He cannot walk so first we headed towards the Donald desk and They really took good care of us and helped sport out stuff for us. Their accessibility maps also helped us a lot. All in all it was a great and fun visit.

  2. We were privileged recently to have our second trip to Disneyland Paris within a year, and this time we had family with us that included someone in a wheelchair.

  3. How flexible are they with the Green Pass? We are a family of 6 and would all like to ride together. That would mean the disabled person + 5 (not 4).

    • Hi Alan,

      I wish i could give you a definitive answer. Your circumstances can really depend on which CM deas with you. Some will follow the rules strictly to the letter but others will use some common sense & be accommodating to your group… esecially if you have young children as part of your group. What is the make up of your group? How many adults/children & is it an adult or child with the disability?

      Kind Regards

        • Hi alan,

          OK then you will have to hope you get an understanding Cast Member deal with you. Even if you don’t I would recommend going back later in the day & speaking to a 2nd Cast member & explain that you don’t want your family being split up in ride queues etc as you have 2 children with you.

  4. I’m travelling with 3 friends we are all recovering from cancer treatment and have varying side affects from treatment mainly nerve damage and peripheral neuropathy which makes walking and standing too long painful, would be entitled to a green pass

    • Hi Gill,

      If you take along a Doctors letter dated within the past 3 months before travel detailing you need assistance then you will be entitled to a pass (either green or orange) depending on the severity & help required. You woud each need your own letter (unless you can find a doctor to do all 3 in one letter).

      Kind Regards

    • hi I will be going on the 21st Dec with a large family party staying at the explorers hotel . among up will be my 11 year old grandson with adhd and other spectrum issues he receives ppi and my daughter who has emphysema and also receives ppi and myself who suffers from arthries but as over65 do not get ppi but am currently on crutches due to a acute knee problem do any of theese qualify for a carer and how many does a green card cover ie my daughters other family

      • Hi Cheryl,

        For each member with a disability you can claim a free carers ticket each day. You will need proof for each disability such as a ppi (or dla) letter or a blue badge or a doctors letter stating permanent disability & illness.

        So you will be entitled to 2 carers tickets per day on production of ppi & 2 green cards. Green cards cover the person with disabilities plus 4 guests.

        Although yourself isnt claiming ppi you could still claim another carers ticket & green card if you can produce a dictors letter stating illness, that its permanent & issues you face such as standing for long periods in queues etc.

        I hope that helps

        Kind regards

        • Dear DLP. I am taking my disabled daughter to the parks on December 5 as the parent I would’ve normally got in for free as her caretaker is that no longer the case after December 3?

          • Hi Kevin,

            Unfortunately not. As of Dec 3rd you can receive 25% discount for the carer and 25% discount on the disabled persons tickets. If you had booked a package previous to the announcement and already applied for your carers discount (free ticket) then this would be honoured otherwise you would have to avail of the new offer i’m afraid.

            Kind regards

    • Hi Lauren,

      If you can get a doctors letter dated within 3 months of your travel detailing your condition & how it will lead to issues in the parks (problems queuing for long periods etc) then you will qualify for a pass to assist. If the doctor can also state if it is a permanent condition then that would be beneficial too.

      Kind regards

    • Hi Jacqueline,

      Guests with a disability can get 10% discount if buying a day ticket at Disneyland Paris. They are also entitled to take a carer with them FREE each day with proof of disability. Proof can be in the gorm of a blue badge + photo id or a Doctors letter dated within 3 months of travel detailing the disability.

      Kind Regards

      • Thank you so much for your reply, can you buy the tickets for a few days at a time or do you have to buy one day at a time? Thank you for your help it’s much appreciated.

        • Hi Jacqueline,

          It used to be the case that you had to purchase a ticket every day but in the past 2-3 months things have changed & I am hearing of new rules put in place by Disney. The day ticket bought on the day is very expensive, around €100, so even with 10% discount this can be a lot to pay each day. I have heard, but not had it confirmed, that you can now buy tickets in advance form sites such as Attractiontix etc much much cheaper, & you can then claim a carers ticket on arrival with proof of disability.

          Are you staying onsite? One thing I do know which has changed is that Disney now gives discount on packages with guests with a disability. So, if you were to book a package for 1 disabled guest & 1 carer then you would receive a rebate on the cost of the tickets for the carer. You can call Disneyland booking line for a quote for an onsite stay & mention that you will have a guest with disability & therefor a free carer with you. The packages for disabled guests are now very good value.

          Thirdly, depending on how many days you are going it could well be very good value to buy the disabled guest an Annual Pass. The Magic Flex costs less than €200 & will be marked as a Disabled pass allowing a carer in free each day.

          Kind Regards

  5. My son is autistic and has just been given DLA. His latest paediatrician letter will not be in 3 months notice and I was wondering if the DLA letter was enough proof of his disability or if we need to get a letter from the doctor too. We go in August so have enough time to organise it all. I can’t get a simple answer from DLP and wondered if anyone who had been recently knew the answer.

    Thank you for your help

    • Hi Nick,

      I would definitely advise getting the doctors letter within3 months of your travel. If you have a blue badge that is enough on its but otherwise a Doctors letter is required. Our son has Autism & also ADHD so as he has regular visits to the ADHD clinic we just ask them for a letter & tell the paediatric nurse what info we need in the letter. They always oblige & don’t charge a fee or anything.

      P.s are you aware that you can also claim back some costs of your package as your son will require a carer (which would be you obviously)

      Kind regards

      • Thank you very much. I will look into claiming some money back as I wasn’t aware of that.

        I will also arrange for a letter to take with us.

        I appreciate the response.

        Kind regards

  6. Hi,
    I was recently diagnosed with ADHD and queues can be a nightmare for me.
    So having a green pass would be very very nice.
    I laso have an AP at the moment. but i heard i can get a 10% discount on my next one and my husband who has an AP too, can get a carers card for free.
    is this true? And i know you can get a discount on packages. does this also apply for room only bookings?
    thanks for your help

    • Hi Karin,

      Yes you can get 10% off your next AP as long as you purchase onsite. When you renew, take documentation such as a doctors letter with you & your AP will be marked as a disability pass allowing you to get a carer free each day you visit without having to take documentation every day.

      Until then you will have to take a doctors letter stating that you need a carer. As you have ADHD this could be for safety reasons as you may be unpredictable in the queues or occasionally fail to take in information such as safety on rides etc. You can use this same letter for your green pass.

      The discount on packages is just that, on packages only where the cost of the tickets for the carer are refunded. Booking room only requires no payment for tickets so you wouldn’t get a refund from this. It’s best to compare the cost of a room only package to that of a standard package with carers discount and see which is best.

      Kind regards

  7. My daughter has lumbar scoliosis. She has 18 pins and a large titanium hook holding her back in place. She came to disneyland Paris before her op. and now really wants to come back with her sister post op (5 years later ). I understand she wont be able to use many of the rides she used before. Is there anyway of getting a comprehensive list of the rides she could use safely.. or would it be safer for her not to take part. ..pls any reply would be greatly appreciated. Yours kindly. Mat

    • Hi Mat,

      Firstly, sorry for the late reply. I wouldn’t like to give any sort of medical advice so I think the best thing to do would be to have a look at each ride on its own merit. Ask your doctor about which rides with particular movements to avoid & then double check that info with Disneyland Paris for their advice too.

      Sorry I can’t be of much help but I am sure there will be a few rides & experiences which will be suitable. You should also check out the Disability pass for help with queues & making life a bit easier whilst there. Lastly, if she needs a carer due to her disability (someone to help at any time throughout the stay) then you can claim back the cost of the tickets on packages or get a free carers ticket for each day of your stay.

      Kind regards

  8. Hi! We going next week with my son who is autistic. I got the doctor letter signed and stamped so should be able to get a priority pass. My question is with the meet and greet the characters I heard there is only few spaces to people with green card. Do you know if it’s true?
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Livia,

      I have never heard of this happening. This may happen if the character has been out for a while and is due to go away & so the Cast Members would have to judge how many people are left. Characters are not out all day & tend to come out in 2 hour blocks etc. If you are there in plenty of time then there should be no issue in getting to see them.

      Kind Regards

  9. I am going in May for 2 weeks and stating off site. I am trying to find out how to appy for a disabled person’s AP by post because it appears you can’t use any AP issued on site for 2 or 3 days after and that is rubbish given that I know I can apply by post for normal AP’s. If I send copies of my medical documents along with the completed application form and an explanation letter do you think they would issue it that way?

    Also, I know I can have access to disabled parking via the 4 digit code but is it still free to use that car park, as it was 6 years ago when we last visited? If not, is it the newly increased price of £25 per day?


    • Hi Karen,

      The only AP which you cannot use on days 2 & 3 are the Discovery passes. If you are purchasing the Magic Plus, Magic Flex or Infinity Pass then you do not have to worry about day 2 & 3 (unless they are scheduled blackout dates). You don’t need to go to the hassle of applying by post as long as you are not purchasing the Discovery Pass.

      Yes, as long as you have a blue badge you can park for free in the car park. Which Annual Pass are you looking to buy & when are your dates for visiting ?

      Kind regards

  10. Hi thanks for having such an informative site lots of really usefull information. Can i ask is it okay to take a mobility scooter into the park. We hired one on site in California but there doesnt seem to be that option at DLP and also is there anywhere you can charge a scooter. Many thanks

  11. Hi another question im afraid. I am registered disabled (below knee aputee) My wife would be classed as my carer. Do we buy our kids (3) tickets online and then sort ours on the day. Could you please tell me how much are on the gate prices for adults. We are visiting on the 6th June 2018 for 2 days and looking for the best price / option

    • Hi Daniel,

      sorry for the late reply. On the gate tickets are approx. €90 per day.

      You can take a mobility scooter into the parks, yes. You can also hire a wheelchair at a rate of €20 per day (free for certain Annual Passes). You cannot hire a mobility scooter from Disneyland Paris but there are companies in the nearby vicinity who will deliver one (or a motorised wheelchair) to DLP for you although this can be expensive. You can buy the kids tickets before you go, yes & then sort out your own on the day. It may even be worth your while buying a Magic Plus Annual Pass for yourself even though you are only visiting for 2 days. The cost is €259 but you receive 10% discount & free carer. This would also give you free wheelchair rental, free parking, discount in shops & restaurants, VIP entrance & other discounts/benefits. A full list of benefits is on our website.

      Lastly, make sure you go to Town Hall to receive a Disability Pass to help with queues etc.

      Kind regards

    • Hi Daniel,

      just to update you incase you hadn’t heard, but Disney have changed the criteria for carers tickets & disability passes this week. You now need to take with you your DLA or PIP award letter dated within the last 12 months. You can also show a Blue Badge as proof. A doctors letter alone may now not be enough to get the free carers ticket.

      Kind Regards

  12. Hello,

    I am about to book to take my severely disabled daughter to Disney land driving with family using the Euro tunnel shuttle and I was wondering does anyone know if you can get discounts for a disabled person/carer on the Euro tunnel? Many Thanks

    • Hi Jacqueline,

      If your daughter is in a wheelchair then you can get reduced fare for her plus a carer. You will be seated in Premier class or even Business Premier class. I don’t know the specific rates but a quick call to Eurotunnel rail services will let you know everything.

      Kind Regards.

  13. Hi o go to euro disney next week with my autistic son .. i have purchased tickets in advance but not one for myself as his carer .. will i still be able to enter the park as his carer for free or does it only count for tickets purchased on the day at the gate?

    • Hi Vicky,

      Yes, the rules changed in the past few months to allow this.
      yYou can buy before you go and then go to the Donald Duck desk to obtain your carer ticket. You will need to do this each day of your visit. Make sure you have a recent Doctors letter stating your son requires a carer.

      Kind Regards.

    • Hi Vicky,

      just to update you incase you hadn’t heard, but Disney have changed the criteria for carers tickets this week. You now need to take with you your DLA or PIP award letter dated within the last 12 months. You can also show a Blue Badge as proof. A doctors letter alone may now not be enough to get the free carers ticket.

      Kind Regards

  14. In my state, people with disability get a parking placard. Red means temporary and blue means permanent. There is no notes on the placard as to what my disability is. Is that placard sufficient documentation to get a priority pass?

    • Hi Tracey,

      I am from the UK & our govt issues a Blue badge. It doesn’t state what the disability is but it it is only issued to those who have a disability in our country. If that is how your state recognises disability then it should suffice. If you receive any form of state aid or welfare due to disability then you could also take an award letter dated within past 12 months. Disney do not need to know what your disability is, just proof that you have a state/country recognised disability. If in doubt you can ring beforehand for clarity.

      Kind Regards

  15. Hi, we are going to DLP for 5 nights from 31/8 to 5/9. There are 5 of us travelling, 1 being my elderly Mother who’s 85 & wants to visit Disney one last time with myself & her 3 adult Grandkids!
    She has mobility issues so we plan on renting a wheelchair, she walks with a rollator otherwise. She also has a Blue badge issued here in UK.
    We are flying and have assistance already in place. We are staying off site so will use the free shuttle bus.
    So far, we haven’t bought park tickets as I’m going around in circles trying to decide what’s the best value for our needs!
    We will want at least 3 park days, possibly 4.
    I’ve looked at Annual passes but I’m getting confused.
    Please help me decide.
    Thank you

  16. My 7 year old has broken and dislocated her toe and can’t walk very far or fast. She did it yesterday and has to go to trauma clinic Friday. We fly Monday. Cab we get a green card. What does this entitle us to. Thank you

    • Hi Samantha,

      For temporary disability you can get a orange card.

      You will be allowed to use the disability area during shows/parades & help with queueing. The card is for the person with the injury plus one other helper. If you are a larger party who do not wish to be split up then mention this to the CM when you get your orange pass.

      You will need a letter from your doctor stating the problem dated within last 3 months.

      Kind regards

    • Hi Joanne,

      Yes, DLP can help you. If you take your blue badge with you & go to Donalds Desk or Town Hall then you can get a Disability priority card which will help with queues & a special area for parades & shows.

      You can also get 10% discount off tickets bought at the gate or an Annual Pass. If you are going with someone then you can take them in as your carer for free.

      Kind Regards

  17. Hi we have a blue badge can I get my green card from the Donald Duck desk? If yes what time is it open till? Also we are there for PhotoPass day are we able to use our pass meeting these characters?

    • Hi Mandy,

      You can get the Green Card from Donalds Desk but there are no fixed opening hours or guarantee that it will even be open. Calling in advance is the only way to know for your dates. If it isn’t open then you would have to use Town Square Main Hall to receive the green card. As for Photopass day i haven’t got the answer for 100% i’m afraid as the event is very new & not too much info. I would assume that of course you should be able to.

      Kind Regards

  18. Hi
    I am getting or planning to get an infinity pass for DLP. As a blue badge holder can my partner(Carer) get a free carers ticket if i use my pass for entry.


    • Hi Dave,

      YES!! When you are getting your Annual Pass take your blue badge with you. You get 10% discount on the Annual Pass itself & they will attach a small disability badge to your Pass so that you get a carer with you free every day.

      If you need any more help let me know

      Kind Regards

  19. Hi Billy
    Thanks for that I am getting the pass on a pay monthly which means I have to do it by posr so do I send a copy of my blue badge with it? Also when I rang DLP yesterday they said I won’t get a carer pass as I already have discounted entry via the pass. Could you confirm if that is correct?

    Kind Regards

    • Hi Dave,

      Sounds to me like the operator you spoke too is not aware of the rules fully (unless they have changed hugely in past week or so, which i highly doubt)

      Firstly, you can pay monthly at the Annual Pass office at Disneyland Paris. You just need your bank details (including IBAN number) & proof of address & passport.

      Secondly, you absolutely are entitled to a free carers ticket each day you are there. If it makes you feel better you could call again & you will most likely speak to an operator with a better understanding who will confirm what i have told you. There are hundreds of operators & unfortunately they do get it wrong occasionally.

      Kind Regards

  20. Hello,
    I am visiting with my son who gets DLA as he has severe ADHD, he can’t sit still for two mins let alone stand in a queue without going mad! He has Paediatricians letters from January and the DLA letter, would this be enough from a green pass or should I get letter from the doctors too?
    Also, we are going for 5 days over the Halloween period and have tickets for the Halloween Party. Will there be places for green pass holders to watch the shows/parades and priority to access to character meet & greets during this event? I’m kind of regretting booking it now as there are so many unknowns, hoping someone on here can help!


    • Hi Emma,

      Firstly, don’t worry, you will all have an amazing time! Our son has Autism & ADHD & although it is challenging, we all still have a great time.

      You need to take a DLA award letter dated within the past 12 months. Is it high rate care? If so this will be sufficient for a green pass. If lower then the paediatricians letter would help especially if they candetail his needs such as avoiding queues etc. This is what we have taken every time & been given green card.

      There are specific areas for disabled guests to watch shows/parades etc & for meet/greets. For meet/greets you may be given a return time which will allow you to go do something else until your time is due for having the meet without queueing or at most 5-10 minutes.

      You will speak with a Cast Member at Town Hall or Donalds Desk to get your green or orange pass, you should get the green pass with DLA letter & paediatricians letter. Tell the Cast Member all the problems you think you will face & they will assist with the correct pass & more info.

      While I’m here, i know you said you have already booked but having the DLA letter entitles your son to have a FREE CARER each day. If you have booked a package you could be entitled to the cost of YOUR ticket cost back (as you will be his carer).

      If you need any further info feel free to ask & try not to worry. You WILL have some testing moments but at the end of the day it will be magical. As i said, our son has his own issues & it can be damn frustrating at times (it’s his way or the highway) but the good will far outweigh the bad & the disability pass really helps!

      Kind Regards

  21. Hi I’m due to go to dlp in November, my son is autistic and he is in receipt of dla so I will take my award letter & a doctors letter just so I have enough evidence. I understand he will be able to get a green pass, just wondering if this will cover the whole party there is myself my partner and 3 children in total, and just trying to find out the benefits of the green pass if anyone can help thanks

    • Hi Roisin,

      The official rule is that the Green Pass entitles 4 people to be placed with the Pass holder but this is flexible & in the hands of the CMs discression. When you are getting your green pass you need to alert them to the fact that you have other small children who, for obvious reasons couldnt be split up from you. If you also make the case that your Son would be distressed without your whole group being together then there should be no issues with you all being named on the pass.

      You will be given access to different queue lines with little or no wait or given a return time for rides & meet n greets.

      You will have a great time I’m sure!

      Kind Regards

  22. Hi! I’m going to be visiting for the first time in a few weeks, I have a doctors note stating I have a chronic illness resulting in a disability which causes difficulty standing for long periods of time and that I need to be accompanied by someone at all times. Would that qualify me for a Green Pass? And if so the person accompanying me would count for a carers ticket right?

    • Hi Felicia,

      The rules regarding free carers & green cards is a bit of a mess this summer.

      DLP introduced new criteria for disability passes this summer. The green pass now requires a Blue Badge or proof of a government issued DLA benefit such as PIP/DLA. Any proof of these must be dated in the last 12 months. Do you have either of these?

      They also accept a medical certificate from your doctor dated within 3 months of travel but the level of pass given will be at the discression of the CM looking at your evidence.

      So, that is what the new rules stated above BUT we understand that very recently they are reverting back to the old system where a doctors letter stating illness, problems caused & carer assistance is all that is needed.

      I would therefor advise that you take as much evidence as you can but the doctors letter is the best. Also if you have DLA/PIP type letters, carers allowance letters, diagnosis letters or care plans then also take these & let the CM you talk to understand you NEED a green pass & of course a carer.

      You can also ask explicitly from the Special Care team at DLP before you go by emailing them on

      I hope that helps

      Kind Regards

  23. Can someone help, my son has adhd but doesn’t receive dla
    The careers discount has been applied to our package and our holiday has been paid.
    I have letters from his doctor. Does anyone know what will happen as he doesn’t get dla

    • Hi Natalie,

      We have heard in the past week or so that DLA letter evidence is not the be all & end all & they are still accepting a doctors letter as main evidence. The letter should be dated within 3 months of travel though & also state that your son needs a carer with him (for his own safety etc) then this will suffice. If you also can have noted that he will have difficulty queuing or standing beside people etc then he may also receive a green card for you.

      Kind Regards

  24. I am thinking of going to Disney around November/December time and I have Plantar surface and IBS, which would mean pain on my feet for walking/standing (any pressure on my feet) and also stomach pains and needing he bathroom straight away,would I likely be able to get a pass? Thank you

    • Hi M,

      Yes you can. You will need to take a doctors letter dated within 3 months of your visit simply stating your condition & that you struggle to stand for long or may need to leave queues at any time. Take it to main hall & they will sort you out.

      Kind regards

  25. Hi, I am intending to visit in December. My daughter has global learning problems and receives DLA lower rate for personal care and getting around. She also gets ESA indefinitely and carers passes on trains buses and theatre trips as she wouldn’t be able to acces anything without support. She attends a setting for young adults with learning difficulties. I am her carer as her mum but not registered as I have to work. Would she qualify for any reduction, I am sure our doctor would reinforce her problems in a letter.