Visitors with Disabilities

Visiting Disneyland Paris with Disabilities

Disneyland Paris takes it’s responsibilities to those visitors with disabilities very seriously. Disneyland Paris goes above & beyond the norm to bring the magic of Disney to everyone whether they have a physical disability, reduced ability or cognitive & unseen disabilities. You can view the official accessibility guide HERE which will help you plan your stay and we have listed below the main points to help you have a magical stay.


Does Disneyland Paris offer a Disability Pass?

There are 2 levels of Pass currently on offer. These are the Easy Access Card (sometimes called the Facilitated Access Card) & the Priority Card.

How do I obtain one of the Disability Passes?

Disabilities at DLPYou can obtain your Easy Access Pass or Priority Pass at Town Hall in Disneyland Park or Studio Services in the Walt Disney Studios.

If you have booked a Disneyland Paris package including hotel then you can also obtain a disability pass from your concierge on arrival. Perhaps the easiest & most time efficient way to order a Priority Access Pass is online via the Disneyland Paris website.

You can request a Priority Access Pass disability pass online up to one month before your arrival date. You will be required to have a photo taken on your arrival day to be added to the pass.


Will I be eligible for a Disability Pass?

Disability passes are given on a case-by-case basis so we cannot answer this accurately for you. Guests with disabilities or a Long Term Chronic Disease can request a Priority Card or Easy Access Card for certain activities and services, depending on the official document provided by the Guest.


What Disability Passes are available at Disneyland Paris?

Priority Disability Pass

Priority Access Pass
Credit to DLPreport

The Priority Disability Pass is in the form of a credit card sized pass complete with a photograph of the disabled party. Each Priority Disability Pass allows disabled guests & up to 4 helpers/group members priority (but not immediate) access at attractions, shows, parades, selfie spots as well as shop & restaurant checkouts.

You may have up to 2 helpers/group members assist you in fireworks or parades areas. Queuing times will be dependant on visitor numbers but is generally much less than the average standard wait times.

The Pass can only be used if the person with the disability intends to ride the attraction. To qualify you must provide an officially recognised medical document (details below) which is recognised by Disneyland Paris.

You will also be entitled to 25% Discount on day tickets or Annual Passes for both the disabled guest plus one carer.

How do i apply online for a Priority Access Card?

Visit the Disneyland Paris disability section and hit the “Request a Card” button under Priority Disability Pass section. From here you will be asked for a few short details regarding your pass so that you can be given the best & most practical assistance at each attraction dependant on your needs.

1. Choose a valid proof of disability particular to your country of residence.
2. What is the date of Visit?
3. Let us know if you use a wheelchair or other device used as a wheelchair.
4. Will you be accompanied at all attractions?
5. Are you able to embark/disembark from an attraction’s vehicle on your own or with an accompanying persons assistance, and in a timely manner?
6. In case of evacuation, are you able to climb down a ladder or many stairs and walk by narrow and dark paths on your own or with your companion’s help ?
7. You then supply some contact information and upload a digital photo (passport style) to complete your request.

Once you have supplied the above details you will be sent a confirmation email & your card will be ready to pick up on the day of your visit.

What documents do I need to prove disability for a Priority Access Pass?

Disneyland Paris receives visitors from all over the world and there are many different versions of what is classed as proof. If you follow the 7 steps above for online registration you will see during stage 1 what the required documents specific to your country are. As an example we have listed below what documents are eligible from UK visitors (as most visitors to this site are from the UK) :

United Kingdom
We accept the following valid documents from this country:

Disability Living Allowance
Attendance Allowance Award
Personal Independence Payment 
Parking Card for Disabled People 
Armed Forces Compensation Scheme 
National Disability Card ID
Disabled ID
Access Card 
Recognised Assistance Dog ID Card, issued by
Assistance Dogs International (ADI)
The International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF)
Assistance Dog UK (ADUK)
Registration Card BD8
Certificate of Visual Impairment (CVI)

As you can see, the list is quite extensive in catering for many official forms of proof issued by a designated country. It is important to note that a letter from a GP or doctor is not sufficient evidence on it’s own without a supporting document as detailed in each countries list of acceptable proofs.

Easy Access Pass

The Easy Access Pass is for use by those who have a long term chronic disease or illness which may not entitle you to be registered disabled but still means you have disability issues. To use the Easy access system simply present your Easy Access Card together with your “appointment book” at an attraction and you will be given a timeslot to return and enter the attraction to ride. You can only make one reservation at a time and cannot reserve another timeslot until the first time has elapsed. The Easy Access Pass gives you entrance to the Disability access areas & entrances.

Easy Access card holders can be accompanied by up to 4 people for attractions.

Disneyland Paris has a list of 30 long term chronic illnesses which qualify for the easy Access Card. .

Long term Chronic Illnesses recognised by Disneyland Paris

1. Debilitating stroke.
2. Bone marrow aplasia and other chronic types of cytopenia.
3. Chronic arterial disease with ischemic events.
4. Complicated schistosomiasis.
5. Chronic heart failure, chronic heart valve disease, serious heart arrhythmia, chronic congenital heart
6. Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis.
7. Severe primary immunodeficiency disorder requiring long-term treatment, human immunodeficiency
virus (HIV).
8. Type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes.
9. Severe neurological and muscular disorders (including myopathy), severe epilepsy.
10. Haemoglobinopathy, chronic constitutional/severe acquired haemolysis,
11. Haemophilia and severe constitutional haemostatic disorders.
13. Coronary artery disease.
14. Acute/chronic respiratory failure.
15. Leprosy.
16. Parkinson’s disease.
17. Inherited metabolic disorders requiring long-term specialised treatment.
18. Cystic fibrosis.
19. Acute/chronic nephropathy and primary nephrotic syndrome.
20. Paraplegia.
21. Periarteritis nodosa, acute disseminated lupus erythematosus, progressive systemic sclerosis.
22. Severe progressive rheumatoid arthritis.
23. Long-term psychiatric disorders.
24. Ulcerative colitis and progressive Crohn’s disease.
25. Multiple sclerosis.
26. Progressive structural scoliosis (where the curve is 25 degrees of more) through to spinal maturity.
27. Severe ankylosing spondylitis.
28. Organ transplant disorders.
29. Active tuberculosis.
30. Malignant tumour, lymphoma or haematopoietic cancer.

You will need an original medical certificate (in French or English) dated within the last 3 months prior to your visit, signed & stamped by your doctor certifying that you have a long term chronic illness along with the number of the illness above. You will be entitled to add ONE person to your card as a helper. If you need more people added (such as children who couldn’t be left alone while you ride) then mention this to the Cast Member when you apply for your pass.

How long is the Disability Pass valid?

Disability Passes are valid for 7 days. If you book an online Priority Access Pass and subsequently have to cancel or change your dates of visit then please make a new request online. Annual Pass holders will receive a disability Pass covering the entire duration of the Annual Pass.

Do disabled guests require an accompanying person or carer?

No. Guests with disabilities are not required to visit with a carer or accompanying person to enjoy Disneyland Paris. This choice is left to the Disabled guest although it may benefit yourself in terms of assistance you may require during your visit.

Accessibility & Assistance for Disabled Guests

Guide & Assistance Dogs

Guide & Assistant Dogs are welcomed throughout the Disneyland complex and also on certain attractions. These dogs also have use of the garden areas. It is advisable to bring food and a drinking bowl for your dog for use throughout the day. Cast Members are not authorised to look after dogs at any time. If you wish to ride an attraction which does not allow Guide Dogs then please leave them with one of your helpers.

Guide dogs & assistance dogs are allowed to relieve themselves in the Disneyland Paris gardens, however, we would be grateful if guests could clean up any mess if at all possible.
If you plan to visit Disneyland Paris with a service animal, please make sure you have up-to-date travel documents with you (proof of vaccination, documented proof that the animal is an assistance animal). These will need to be presented when you check in to your hotel or at the entrance to the Disney Parks.

Disabilities at DLPWheelchair Rentals

Manual wheelchairs can be rented at the Wheelchair & Strollers Rental point just inside each of the Disney Parks. They cannot be pre-booked and are subject to availability each day. The cost is currently €25 per day (current 2022 price) & a deposit of €200 is required by cheque or credit card imprint. Cast Members are not authorised to accompany you around the Disney parks. If you own an Infinity Annual Pass then hire is FREE!

There are private companies in the surrounding area who can deliver a wheelchair to your hotel for use in the Disney Parks. We suggest using a search engine to find prices & terms for these providers.

First Aid at DLP

There are dedicated First Aid rooms at Disneyland Paris in both the Studios & the Disneyland Park itself if you begin to feel unwell or need any sort of medical attention. Please also check out our DLP FIRST AID GUIDE.

  • Disney Studios – Front Lot between Studio Services & Studio Photo shop
  • Disneyland Park – Between Plaza Gardens Restaurant & Discovery Arcade

Shopping Service

Disneyland Paris provides a “shopping service” to all guests and this can be helpful for disabled guests in particular. In any Disney merchandise store, if you finish your shopping before 3pm then you can simply leave your purchases in the store until 6pm when you can then pick them up. You can also choose to have the purchases delivered back to your Disney Hotel FREE OF CHARGE later that evening.


All Disney toilets can be accessed by any guests who have reduced mobility. Each toilet is equipped with flashing warning light in event of an evacuation. If a disabled adult (or child under 3) requires changing then please visit one of the First Aid Centres where you will be accommodated further.

Disabled Car Parking

Guests with disabilities can use the designated parking spaces available in both the main park and the motorhome car park. To use these spaces you need only present the payment booth operator with your Blue Badge or European Parking Badge upon arrival. Accessible car parking spaces at Disney hotels, resorts & park’s car parking area are marked clearly with a wheelchair symbol. Only a limited number of designated spaces are available.


  1. Hi if you buy your tickets in the uk do you have to prove you have the supporting documents and will you get the 20% discount or is that just at the resort in paris

  2. Hi.

    Do i have to pick up the priority card the day i have stated in my email (26.07)? Or can i pick it up any day during the period during the validity? I Ask because it maybe be to hot for my kid that day. We also have a document from the doctor telling that he has severeal of the condition needed to have the facility card.

  3. Hello
    I am a little confused.
    So i have applied for a priority card,but what happens if we turn up on the day and the park is full ? I can not find anywhere online to purchase tickets at the discount cost ?

    • Hi Sarah,

      Even when the parks are at capacity there is still the ability to buy a disability entry ticket + 1 carer ticket.

      Kind regards

  4. Hello,
    My son has ADHD and a Disabled Student Allowance ( DSA).
    DSA is on the list of items needed for Priority card and reduced ticket price nand would be hugely helpful due to difficulty in crowded queues and anxiety.
    What do I need to show DSA – we have a letter from DSA Student Body and from consultant.
    Many thanks

    • Hi Heidi,

      Yes the pass is extremely helpful especially with adhd. An award letter is required dated within the last 12 months before visit. If you dont have the award letter you should be able to request a copy be sent out to you. The consultant letter wouldd need to be on headed paper, signed & stamped & be dated within the last 3 months prior to visit.

      Kind regards

      • Hi Billy,
        Thank you. Not sure what the award letter is — our letter says ” confirm you are eligible for Disabled Student Allowance” and it is from Student Finance which is a government body. Is that OK ?
        Mnay thanks

  5. i would like to find out if there is a department that i can actually speak to regarding guests who has disibilties as cant seem to find out anything on line

    • Hi Adam,

      I’m so sorry for the late reply. There isn’t a set department but if you have Twitter you can get great advice & help from the official @DLPhelp twitter account with any specific enquiries across a range of subjects. It’s free & they should respond within 48 hours & help you out.

      Kind Regards

  6. Hi its 2021 its open & my brothers just received he’s new blue badge
    Minus the stars(EU) QUESTIONS
    1/can u use the new UK blue badge for a free carers entry
    2/must u buy tickets from Disney paris.or Can u use outside vendors
    3/do u still go to Donald’s desk to receive carers ticket

    To all peoples reading this I ask because things have changed its june 2021 the parks just opened, I’ve used this sites info before taken bluebadge to Donald’s desk got a free careers ticket each day
    2019. prices have gone up this helps a lot. looking forward to ure reply many many thanks stay safe people’s.

    • Hi Adrian,

      so sorry for the late reply.

      Yes your Blue badge is still valid. You do not have to buy tickets directly from Disneyland Paris & can save money from some vendors especially buying in advance. You can pick up the carers pass at Donalds Desk. There is sometimes a desk at Walt Disney Studios giving out Carers tickets too but you would need to ask a nearby cast member if it is open.

      I hope you had a great time last time & an even more magical time next trip!

      Also, just to note. You are now required to “reserve” your park days before visiting on the Disneyland Paris website. This is due to parks being run at a reduced capacity. Your ticket seller will give you details. Staying on Disney property, or buying dated tickets mean you are guaranteed entry with any tickets. Carers do not need to reserve a spot.

      Kind Regards

  7. Hi just need a bit of advice please, I suffer from arthritis of the spine and in constant pain so a wheelchair will be helping me , I have a blue badge could you tell me what level I will be entitled to I will be in a group of four adults and one 4 year old , any help would be much appreciated thankyou x

    • Hi Elaine,

      No it has to be done on arrival. If you are staying in an onsite Disney Hotel it can now be done by your hotel concierge when checking in by providing them the appropriate documentation.

      Kind regards

  8. My son has a permanent diagnosis of developmental hip displasia and has had various operations to correct. He has a leg discrepancy and his right femoral head is deformed. Whilst he is able to walk standing for long periods of time results in him falling over and being in pain. He also loses balance quite easily which resulted in him falling down the stairs when we visited last July at the stunt show. We do not claim disability allowance for him. We are able to obtain a doctors letter for him confirming his condition and issues. What type of badge is he likely to be entitled to?

    • Hi Melanie,

      If you make sure your doctor writes the words “permanent disability” then you should be entitled to the green pass.

      Kind regards

  9. Hi Billy. We’ve booked a package in August for this coming Friday. We’re staying at the Newport bay hotel and I’m sure the deal we got included free park tickets although on the booking receipt they are listed as an extra. My son has severe cp and is a full time wheelchair user. Could we still get a refund on the package. Also do you know what the situation is with character dining. We’ve been charged the full rate for my son but he can’t eat and has never eaten as he cannot swallow and has a tracheotomy. Do you think we could get a reduction on this. Thank you

    • Hi Kirstie,

      Very exciting!!

      I am assuming you have booked directly with Disneyland Paris? If so then you need to email them at – [email protected] – to let them know you have a child with a disability. Attach a phitocopy of proof such as a DLA/PIP award letter dated within the past 12 months or proif of Blue Badge ownership. Let them know your booking reference & details of lead booking person.

      The refund can take up to 3 weeks unfortunately but you can always use it toward your next trip!

      In the same email, let them know you require a Green Disability pass for help with queueing & attending parades, fireworks etc.

      Now, you should take your proof of dusability with you & show your concierge at checkin & you should receive the green pass at that point.

      As for the character dining I haven’t came across your position before so don’t want to give you a definitive answer but my gut instinct is that they will also refund you the cost of your sons meal. They *may* feel that your son is still getting the character interaction & so *may* have to pay something but it would seem entirely unfair, to me personally, that they would charge you full price, if anything at all.

      Talk to your concierge at checkin or visit Town Hall to explain your sons disability & i have my fingers crossed they assist you in a compassionate way. I’d be really interested to hear from you on how you get on. Email = admin@

      So, in short, YES you can get carers ticket refunded & I’m not sure about the character dining. I hope common sense & compassion prevails!!

      Have a magical time & bon voyage!

      Kind regards

      • Hi please can you help. Planning a trip this yr. My hubby is diabetic an is also registered 20% disabled & I have anxiety and DD would we qualify for a green card thank you.

        • Hi Juls,

          If any of you claim DLA/PIP then this will qualify you for a green card. A blue badge is also sufficient. Otherwise you would need a doctor’s letter dated within 3 months of travel staying the condition, that it is a permanent disability & any issues this may cause with queueing etc.

          Kind regards

  10. Hi

    Thank you for such an informative forum!

    I’m taking my mum to DLP in a couple of weeks. She has a blue badge and receives DLA – do I have to take proof of both or would the blue badge suffice? Or do we need a doctors letter?

    Also, I’m hoping to buy the tickets on attractiontix as it’s much cheaper. Will it be acceptable to purchase my mums ticket from AT and get a carer ticket for me?

    Thanks so much

    • Hi Aleesha,

      The Blue Badge is sufficient. You could take the DLA award just as an extra if

      There is no problems buying cheaper tickets before you go & its advisable to do that. You will still receive free carer ticket when using a ticket bought in advance.

      Kind regards

  11. Hello, My Husband has just been diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour. We are in the middle of sorting out PIP and his disability badge.
    We went to Disney World for our honeymoon in 2014. we promised our two young boys that we would take them to see the castle. We are looking at DLP for after he finishes radiotherapy and chemo and has recovered from the symptoms that follow.
    Should I, when I book the holiday go to a travel agent or book online to let them know of the issues we’re facing. I want to try and make this a wonderful memorable trip for my 1 and 4 yr old boys. Any help or tips would be very welcome. Thank you

    • Hi Katie,

      You should certainly let whoever you book with know so they can put in assistance for you during travel & also assist with costs. For example, once you receive the Blue Badge you will be entitled to a free “carers” ticket or yourself each day (or reduction in price if booking a package). You can also gain a priority pass (sometimes known as a Green Pass) which can help with reduced queuing for rides & attractions & also let you have a dedicated area for viewing fireworks shows in the evening etc. This can be invalvuable for guests who require assistance.

      My biggest tip would be to research & plan as much as you can to maximise your time. DLP is of course much smaller than Disney World Florida which can be a blessing with much less travelling required each day & everything within walking distance of your hotel. Lastly, if you need any help whatsoever then we are here to help with any specific questions you have.

      Kind Regards

  12. Hi my daughter has a blue badge she has dyspraxia and autism we went last year and the blue badge was enough evidence will the same apply this year also last year we bought the 2 tickets for my daughter and granddaughter and free carer one now people are telling me you can buy your Disney ticket in the uk or will I have to buy both tickets at Disney like I did last year

    • Hi Elaine,

      Sorry for the late reply. Yes, the Blue Badge will be sufficient now. Also the rules on tickets have indeed changed and you can now purchase them before you go from any reputable seller.

      Kind regards

      • Hello, My Husband has just been diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour. We are in the middle of sorting out PIP and his disability badge.
        We went to Disney World for our honeymoon in 2014. we promised our two young boys that we would take them to see the castle. We are looking at DLP for after he finishes radiotherapy and chemo and has recovered from the symptoms that follow.
        Should I, when I book the holiday go to a travel agent or book online to let them know of the issues we’re facing. I want to try and make this a wonderful memorable trip for my 1 and 4 yr old boys. Any help or tips would be very welcome. Thank you

  13. Hi We are coming to DLP next month with a child with type 1 diabetes. We have a letter from his diabetic nurse stating he has trouble queuing. We also have an adult with significant mental health issues which we have hospital letters stating his condition. Both claim DLA/PIP. Are we able to get 2 carers admissions? Also if we pre book tickets for entry for all but the carer ticket, where do you get the carer ticket? Do you have to queue at the ticket booth for the free carer tickets?

    • Hi Mary,

      Yes you are entitled to 2 carer tickets. Take all your evidence with you especially DLA awards dated within past 12 months. You queue up each day at Donalds Desk (located on the right of the entry turnstiles). If you are staying in a Disney Hotel you may be given tickets for the duration on your first day.

      Kind Regards

  14. Hi, we are going disney for the first time and my daughter suffers with a condition that makes her joints swell, and is unable to work. I have letters from the hospital stating her condition and symptoms that occur, would this be ok to use, or do you recommend speaking to her GP and getting a letter.

    Thanks Kelly

    • Hi Kelly,

      It would be much better if you had a letter from a doctor or health professional dated within the past 3 months stating the condition & the difficulties this could pose. If you also receive DLA or can ask the health professional to state that a carer is required then you could be eligible for a free carers ticket or rebate on any monies you have already paid.

      Kind Regards

  15. Hi Billy, my partner is deaf from birth and has a local government disability card that shows registered deaf with them. Would this mean she is eligible for a green pass?


    • Hi JAmes,

      It would be much better if he had a letter from a doctor or health professional dated within the past 3 months stating his condition & the difficulties this could pose.

      Kind Regards

  16. My 11 year old son is type1 diabetic. He receives DLA and I receive carers allowance for him. Should I book any tickets in advance or best do it on the day? We are a family of 2 adults and 3 children.
    Also is a letter about DLA and CA and a hospital letter rather than a GP letter enough for a green pass and carers pass? Thank you!

    • Hi Mary,

      Buying in advance is certainly cheaper than buying on the day. The DLA letter & a letter from a medical profesional will suffice (headed paper) for the disability pass & carers pass.

      Kind Regards

  17. My son suffers from cystic fibrosis and I wondered is there a pass I could get so he could avoid long ques and standing for too long.

    Kind regards

  18. Hello
    I am disabled and I’ll be visiting the park next August with my husband which is my carer too. We are driving the motorhome and I know about the free parking for the disabled. What I’d like to ask is if we decide to also stay during the night will still be free of charge?
    Thank you

    • Hi Paula,

      This is a very niche question & I don’t have a definitive answer for you but i can tell you that there is no “overnight fee” as such. Campervans pay by the day & covers them until 10am next day. With that in mind i would think therefor that the free day parking would apply until 10am the following day, however i would advise contacting Disney directly for clarity.

      Kind Regards

  19. Hi,

    We are coming from the US and have a Blue disability parking pass. Will this be sufficient, once we enter the park to get the green pass from DLP?

    • Hi Jack,

      Yes a Blue badge will get you a green pass. It also entitles you to a free carers ticket each day which you can pick up at the Donalds Desk office beside the turnstiles each day.

      Kind Regards

  20. Hi we are planning to come in July for 2 days. My husband is registerd disabled with mobility issues as is my 8 year old daughter whobis type 1 diabetic. I will also have my 11 year old twins and a 3 year old.
    What my question is that will we be able to get 2 free carers passes or will it be just 1. And also will we all be able to go through with a green pass.
    Also was wondering which will be the cheapest option to purchase the tickets, online or at the gate?
    Thanking you in advance.

    • Hi Farida,

      I haven’t came across this situation before but i am assuming you will only be allowed 1 carer ticket. You will be able to get a green pass for you all but Disneyland Paris would require each of your disabled guests ride with a carer on rides (for safety reasons) so i would suggest only declaring one disability if you all intend to ride together. It’s your choice though.

      You are much cheaper buying online before you go & then collecting the free carers pass each day for yourself.

      Kind Regards

  21. Hi
    We are planning to go to euro Disney this summer. My granddaughter has Cerebral Palsy and she has a valid blue badge and a Did card. Will we still need to get a Drs letter or is this sufficient.
    Thanks 8n advance

    • Hi Angie,

      The Blue Badge will be enough to receive a Green Disability pass & also a free carers ticket each day.

      Kind Regards

  22. Hi ,
    I have adhd and other cognitive impairments , I receive pip will the letter which is dated from last month be ok if I book a late June trip ?
    Or do I also need a doctors note ?
    I will need a carer as suffer anxiety too

    Kind regards

    • Hi Penny,

      The best way would be a Doctors letter (on headed paper & dated within 3 months) which states your condition & also that you require a carer to assist you with dealing with certain situations such as queueing, crowds etc. You should also take your PIP award letter (dated within 12 months) for extra proof.

      With these you will be entitled to a disability pass to help with queues, watching shows, character meets etc & also be entitled to a free xarers ticket each day.

      Have a great time!

      Kind Regards

  23. Hi I will be visiting next year as a family of 4. Two adults two children. My eldest daughter has profound hearing loss and has a bone anchored hearing aid. The only doctors letters I have are from her diagnoses a few years back. Will the physical wearing of the hearing aid make her eligible for a pass or do I still need to get an updated letter?

    • Hi Skippy,

      You will need a letter dated within the last 12 months from your doctor simply stating the condition & that assistance may be needed.

      You should also take any available supporting evidence such as Diagnosis letters, Blue badge, DLA or PIP award letters.

      Kind Regards

  24. Hi we go next month for the first time 2 adults and 2 young children. My partner is deaf and has to wear two hearing aids and even with them he still doesn’t hear well. He has to rely on me a lot of the time to repeat what’s been said. The green pass states hearing impairments would he qualify for that and if so what would he need. He has been deaf since a child so doesn’t have drs letters stating it but he does have a brown book which indicates his deafness as a health issue not something that happens with age.
    Any reply would be grateful thanks

    • Hi Louise,

      Your best bet would be to ask your current GP to write you a very short letter just confirming the condition. You should also take any supporting evidence available such as Diagnosis letters, Blue Badge, PIP or DLA award letters.

      Kind Regards

  25. Hi, We are a family of 6 travelling to DLP at the end of April with 2 Autistic boys, one with an additional learning disability. Can I bring their most recent DLA letters from 2019 along with their diagnosis letters or do I also need a letter from the GP? Will each boy be entitled to one free carer? Do we have to buy our tickets at the gate to avail of disability prices and free carers offers? Or can we pre-book? Any advice would be helpful, thanks.

    • Hi Sharon,

      Sorry for the late reply. Let me go through your questions.

      Doctors letters are always the best form of proof. It is always advisable to also take the DLA letters too.

      Each child is entitled to a free carer.

      You can pre-book through Disney (or any travel agent) & have the cost of the tickets refunded from the price of the package. Just let them know at the point of booking that you have disabled guests requiring carers.

      Kind Regards

  26. Hello everyone, I have a doctor’s note and a diagnoses letter for a green pass. However I have just realised the letter isn’t stamped and the website specifies stamped (I am not sure if it is usual for them to be stamped or I should have requested it). It is signed and details why a pass is needed. I’m now worried a pass may not be granted. obviously it is the weekend now so I wont be able to attend the doctors before we leave ( Monday).

    • Hi Jenna,

      So sorry i missed this question!! I hope you had a great time & the letter should have been accepted as long as it was on headed paper. We have taken doctors letters “unstamped” without an issue before.

      Kind Regards

  27. Hi I am planning to visit DLP in May, staying offsite but visiting over 4 days. My son has autism and struggles with queues and understanding. I was planning on getting a Drs letter but im trying to understand if there are concession tickets for carers etc? I cant seem to find these tickets online?

    • Hi Erica,

      Sorry for the late reply. You claim the free carers ticket each day at Donalds Desk which is situated to the right of the turnstiles at the entrance to the parks. Just take your Doctors letter stating his disability & need for a carer along with your photo id.

      Kind Regards

  28. Hi we are going in August 4 adults 2 small children. 1 adult has a blue badge so I understand this will get her some type of pass in the park? Also we are going to hire a wheel chair are you able to ake them off the parks say back to a Disney hotel or are they just for the parks?
    Thanks for your time

    • Hi Anna,

      Disney wheelchairs are only for the parks & are quite basic. There are firms nearby which can rent you a wheelchair (or mobility scooter) which you could use. You can google for recommendations. These firms drop the wheelchairs off at your hotel & pick them up after use.

      The Blue badge can get you a disability pass at Town Hall which helps with queueing etc. You can also claim a free ticket per day for someone in your party as a carer. If you have already booked a package then you can claim back a discount.

      Kind Regards

  29. Hi, we are going to DLP in just over a week, I have osteoarthritis in both knees which causes me a lot of pain when walking and standing still for long periods of time. Would I be able to get the orange card to help me while I am there. What would I need to bring to qualify for one?. I’ve seen most people here have been enquiring about the green card but not a lot of information for the orange one. How does this one work,

    • Hi Elaine, so sorry i missed this comment but for future reference you should take a doctors letter dated within 12 months advising of your issues to qualify for an orange card. If the Doctor states it is a permanent condition then you would receive a green card.

      Kind Regards

  30. We are thinking of going in August with 2 friends and their little girl. My mum is in a wheelchair and I am her Carer so if we book the holiday package which includes park tickets, hotel and Eurostar. Do we just advise them when we book that 1 adult is a Carer?

    • Hi Sara,

      Yes that’s correct. They will apply a discount on the ticket entry costs due to free carer. They will require you to email in proof of disability such as a blue badge or letter from a doctor. They will explain that to you when booking.

      Kind Regards

  31. Hi there,

    Thanks for all the info in this site! I’ll be visiting the second week in November (hoping it’s quiet!) and will be bringing a mobility scooter. I’ll have a PiP award letter so I think I’ll be okay to get the pass. My question is do you have any information on the rides and how close I can take the scooter / where I need to leave it. I can walk short distances and can transfer into the carriages but I wouldn’t be able to say walk 100m and stand for 5 mins. And other parks where you can’t take your scooter into the ride queue they have a small number of wheelchairs for you to borrow but I can see that Disney allow that. Essentially I just want to know if I’ll be able to go on any rides!

    Many thanks for any information


    • Hi Linzi,

      Don’t worry!! There are plenty of attractions & rides you can easily go on. There are lots of Disability accessible rides & even some rides which you can stay completely in your chair & use the ride such as Tram Tours, Buzz Lightyears Laser Blast, Ratatouille & Its a Small World.

      Other rides may require you to transfer from your chair to the ride vehicle but we are only talking a distance of a few metres, maybe 5-10m.

      You can pick up an accessibility guide at the park gates which will highlight all the rides, attractions & the rules on each.

      P.s. Your PIP letter will be fine if dated within 12 months of your visit. A Blue Badge is easiest if you have one of those. Are you also aware that you can get a free carers ticket for anyone going with you if you require assistance?

      Kind Regards

  32. Hi I wondering if you could help. My son has a visual impairment and is registered on the partially sighted and blind register which I have a certificate off. He also receives dla which I have an award notice for but it’s not dated within the last 12 months as he has been given it until he is 12 before he needs to reapply which it states on the letter. Would I need to take a doctor’s letter also for him to be eligible for the green card? We are also buying 3 day park passes but I was checking out the annual pass and I was wondering would it be better to buy my son an annual pass if I would be entitled to a carers pass. We are going next week. Thank you for any help you can give me.

    • Hi Danielle,

      You can call up the DLA & they will send you out a copy of your award which will have date on it for now. Alternatively you could take the DLA letter which you would have got just before Christmas for the Christmas £10 bonus payment?

      If he has a blue badge then this would be perfect & no need for any DLA letter. An Annual Pass can be beneficial (you receive 10% disability discount) & can save extra money on discounts. If you don’t have recent DLA or blue badge then i would advise taking a Doctors letter. A consultant letter is also accepted. This should simply state his condition, that its permanent & that he needs a carer to assist.

      I hope that helps

      Kind Regards

  33. Hi going at Easter 2 grandchildren both with ADHD and ODD. Just checking DLA letter is ok if under 12 months and need a DRs letter?
    Do we get one green card each for the whole of the 5 days we are there or do we have to go through the same thing every day?