Mobile Charging locations

Mobile Charging locations at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris tipsDisneyland Paris visitors are using mobile smart phones much more regularly as the years go by & Disneyland Paris are pro-actively making this a key feature of any visit to the Magic.

In fact, Disneyland Paris is investing heavily in the official app and introducing more & more features throughout the year to enhance guests stay.

With this added connectivity & usage of course comes an added problem. Mobile phone batteries are infamously fast at running out, especially if you are using it for long days, of which there are many on your trips to Disneyland Paris.


How much do mobile charging stations cost at Disneyland Paris?

The cost for using the mobile charging stations at Disneyland Paris varies on which station or service you choose. Firstly there is a FREE charging station. Yes, you heard us… FREE! Located just outside of Café Hyperion in Discoveryland is the self-service charging station. This station requires you to use your own charging cable (or wireless capabilities) & is a simple plug-in & wait service. This is perfect for that little boost of power to keep you going through the day.

For all other charging points in both Disneyland Park & Walt Disney Studios, the cost is €4 for 2 hours or €10 for the full day. The key difference to the FREE charging station is that these allow you to rent a portable charging device you can use on the go. No waiting around with this service!

Portable charger rental points in Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park

Portable charger renting includes:

  • Fully-charged power bank
  • Micro-USB cable (works with most Android phones)
  • USB C adapter (for certain Android phones)
  • Apple Lightning cable (for iPhone 5+ onwards)

These rental points accept most payment cards.

Where are the mobile charging stations at Disneyland Paris?

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Charging Stations

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