Princess for a Day Makeover

Princess for a Day Makeover

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princess for a day makeover disneyland paris

Princess for a Day Makeover Package

One of the very best experiences at Disneyland Paris is the Princess for a Day makeover package. This service is not very well known but this is probably due to DLP not advertising it very much at all, which is surprising as it is always a hit ! If your child wants something a little more swashbuckling then head over to our Pirate for a Day makeover page!

It’s every little girls dream (and big girls too!) to be a Disney Princess. Well, now you can give them a gift that will give them memories which will last a lifetime! At Disneyland Hotel you can book the Princess for a Day makeover package at a very reasonable price.

Princess for a Day Details

Booking the €55-€180 princess for a day package must be done in person at the ‘Galerie Mickey’ shop located on the second floor of the Disneyland Hotel. It is advisable to book as soon as you can on the day you wish to receive the package. There are limited times & places each day.

You can book the premium package, which includes a premium dress, in advance by contacting the Disneyland Paris Special Activities team via email using the following address :


Four packages available:
€55 make-up and hairstyle
€120 make-up, hairstyle and choice of a regular dress
€180 make-up, hairstyle and one of the two prestige dress (Elsa or Cinderella)
€350 make-up, hairstyle and the Belle premium dress

Once you have your appointment time it is important that you are not late. It is advisable to arrive 15 minutes before your time for the basic package & 1 hour before your time if you have booked a package with a dress. If you are only having the basic package then of course, you can dress up your child in there own princess dress. Your little princess will then be pampered by a lady-in-waiting with a choice of princess hairstyles, make-up & of course pixie dust glitter!

princess for a day makeover packageThe Hairstyling & make-up will take approximately 45 minutes to complete but the pampering doesn’t stop there. Once your little princess has been transformed she will then be directed to the photoshoot area where a professional photographer will take a variety of beautiful photographs in many poses to really capture the moment. At the end of the session you will be shown to the ‘Gallery Mickey’ boutique where you can view all of the photos.

You may choose any one of these photos for FREE as part of your package. You can also purchase additional photos (or all of them!) for a small extra cost. If you have purchased the Photopass+ already then you will be given all the photos for FREE!


These prices are correct as of January 2019 but are subject to change, however we will update here as soon as we know of any new pricing structures.

Princess for a Day Tips

Whatever package you choose, why not add in a princess Tiara to really finish off the look. You can bring your own or purchase one in the shop beforehand

On a budget ?  if you want a similar experience, go to one of the face painting stations located around the parks & ask for a princess theme. They will also finish it off with a sprinkle of pixie dust in the hair. You can also have the child wearing there own princess dress & tiara. For just a fraction of the cost (Between €8 & €25) you have a mini princess experience!

The experience doesn’t stop there. Your little one will be showered with compliments by Cast Members throughout the day.

This experience is only open to children up to the ages of 12.

You can take your own photos during and after the makeover…. or why not video it as a keepsake?

If Princesses aren’t your child’s idea of fun then why not try the Pirate for a Day experience ?

Princess for a Day Video




  1. During Frozen Summer they had a PFAD Salon in Arrendelle Village in Frontierland, but only for Anna and Elsa makeovers. As the Frozen Sing-Along is returning from h November for Christmas season they may well have the Frozen PFAD there again.

    • Hi

      We have just booked our visit for 2019 and want to do the Princess for the day on my Grandaughters actual 7th birthday, can we pre book before we arrive to ensure she gets the experience.

      Thank you also for the information as have booked Dine with the Princess’s and can now allow enough time for her makeover, truly a birthday non of us will ever forget.

      • Hi June,

        You may be a bit early for booking a spot and may have to wait until 30 or 60 days but if you email the team they can let you know the exact date you can place a booking. You can only pre-book packages which cost €120 & upwards.

        Booking the €55 princess for a day starter package must be done in person at the ‘Galerie Mickey’ shop located on the second floor of the Disneyland Hotel. It is advisable to book as soon as you can on the day you wish to receive the package. There are limited times & places each day.

        You can book the premium packages, which include a dress, in advance by contacting the Disneyland Paris Special Activities team via email using the following address :

        Kind Regards

      • Hi Wendy,

        sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately the Princess for a Day service is not currently available as it takes place inside the main Disneyland Hotel which is currently under a major retheme & refurbishment until well into 2023.

        Kind regards

  2. It says you can pick a regular dress for the 120 princess for a day package.But i just want to know which dresses are regular dresses.

    • Hi David

      Ok, the regular dresses cover practically all of the princesses. Is there a particular princess dress you are looking for?

      Regards Billy

  3. Why is the age limit 12? My daughter is 17 and wants to get the €55 makeup & hairstyle package. Is this possible? She isn’t interested in the dress which I understand would be for 12 yr olds and under.

    • Hi Amy

      The age limit is set to 12 as Disney does not allow over 12s to enter parks if they appear to look like Disney Princesses which may confuse younger guests in the park. You could use the services of the Celestial Spa at Disneyland Hotel who do beauty treatments or try Hotel New York who have a Hair Salon (although not always opened).

      Kind Regards

    • Hi Jemma,

      Sorry for the late reply. There is no such “Prince for a day” or equivalent but you could take him to get his face painted at one of the stalls which offer this. There are plenty of styles to choose from & prices from around €8-€30 Euros depending on the complexity of style chosen. You could perhaps have his face painted as a pirate style & purchase him a Pirates sword & hat from the Pirates of the Caribbean shop ?

      Kind Regards

  4. my daughter really wants to do a Mulan makeover. I don’t mind bringing the dress with us – but I haven’t seen Mulan as an option anywhere. Does anyone know if they have a ‘generic’ princess option? (Or even better – Mulan?)

    • Hi Varda,

      There is no mention of a specific Mulan makeover (& I have never seen anyone getting one) but the stylists are flexible in doing what you ask them to do especially if you have your own dress. Just ask the Cast Member who will be able to let you know what they can do for you.

      Kind Regards

  5. Can i ask about the dress sizes please? My daughter will be 10 when we arrive at xmas but is currently wearing age 12-13 clothes. Will the dresses fit?

    • Hi Julie,

      There isn’t a specific Alice makeover but if you take along your own Alice dress they will be able to do hair & make-up with your daughter as Alice.

      Kind regards

    • Hi Julie,

      Sorry for the late reply, it seems like my original reply never posted! There is no specific Alice makeover (& I have never seen anyone getting one) but the stylists are flexible in doing what you ask them to do especially if you have your own Alice dress. Just ask the Cast Member who will be able to let you know what they can do for you.

      Kind Regards

    • Hi Lucy,

      Sorry for the late reply but here is the info :

      Booking the €55 princess for a day starter package must be done in person at the ‘Galerie Mickey’ shop located on the second floor of the Disneyland Hotel. It is advisable to book as soon as you can on the day you wish to receive the package. There are limited times & places each day.

      You can book the premium packages, which include a dress, in advance by contacting the Disneyland Paris Special Activities team via email using the following address :

      Kind Regards

    • Hi Darren,

      Yes, the higher packages cost more because of the fact that you are buying & keeping the dress.

      Kind Regards

  6. We would love to do this for our 4year old granddaughter but we have a 9yr old grandson and wanted something special for him. Do you have any suggestions??
    Thank you

    • Hi Linda,

      There isn’t a specific thing for boys like this but you could do it in a different way. If he likes something such as Pirates or Star Wars then you could take him to purchase a swashbuckling Jack Sparrow hat & sword (or light sabre & cloak) then take him to have his face painted. Face Painting costs between 8 & 25 euro depending on the
      complexity of the design.

      Would that work for him?

      Kind Regards

  7. Hi there we go in august and my little one will be about 3 weeks off turning 3. Just wondering if they would do the make over for her or if she would miss out considering is is still 2.


  8. I enquired about booking this and got told 3 months prior which i have no problem with but i was also informed i could only book on min 300€ spend is this correct ? I was under the impression it was any from 120€ n above.

    • Hi Angela,

      Did you send an email or call? Unless it has changed VERY recently then
      that info is not correct. Send an email to
      the Disneyland Paris Special Activities team via email using the following address : & enquire again. Sometimes CMs give wrong info or it may well have changed. I will also look into it further.

      Kind Regards

    • Hi Angela,

      after looking into this it appears that they are quoting you prices for something a little bit different which is a new offering from DLP called the “Enchanted Princess Experience Package”. This is where you can have a private meet ‘n’ greet with a Princess amongst other things. This starts at €300 but is definitely not the same thing as the Princess Makeover which you were enquiring about. It seems to be the CM you spoke too didn’t understand what you were enquiring about & has given you the wrong info.

      Kind regards

    • Hi Alan,

      There isn’t a salon such as bibbibi bobbidi boutique at Disneyland Paris but you can have a Princess Makeover with hair, dress, tiara & make-up in the Disneyland hotel. Packages start at €55 for Hair & Make-up package.

      Kind Regards

    • Hi susan,

      The “Enchanted Princess Experience Package” is a new offering & I don’t have 100% details on all involvements yet. We do know that it will start with you going to Town Hall (about 1 hour before the start of the parade) where you will be greeted by a Royal Guide who will escort you to the Princess Pavilion. Once there you will enter the Pavilion through a VIP entrance & be allowed some personal moments with a Disney Princess. There will be a professional PhotoPass photographer on hand to take personal pictures of your meeting & interactions.

      Once that is concluded you will be escorted by your Royal Guide to a special Experience Viewing Area to have the perfect views of the parade where you will again be able to see & have interaction with many princesses in the parade as it passes. You can email Disneyland Paris Special Activities team using the following address : for further details. Bookings I believe can be made up to 3 months in advance.

      Kind regards

      • Hi, if we booked the VIP Enchanted Princess private meet at €300 can you please confirm if this includes make up and hair beforehand or if we would need to pay for this as extra?

        We are due in Disneyland in three months and want to ensure I get booked in.

        Thank you in advance.

          • Hi Billy,

            Thank you so much for your reply I really appreciate it.

            Would you know is it only the last most expensive package on the make up and dress you can pre book? It states premium dress, but it seems the premium is only the last forth option?

            Or can I opt and pre book the second option?

            Thank you in advance.

  9. Hello,
    I have 2 questions:
    1) We booked the package of 120€ but they couldn’t ensure us that the dress my daughter wants will be there in her size. she becomes 10 and needs size 12+. What happens when they don’t have a dress that fits, she is tall and not very skinny.
    2) we have an appointment at 10 am, what time do we really need to be there, i saw 1 hour before the time you get, is that correct?

    thanks alot

    • Hi Ellen,

      Disneyland Paris dresses only go up to size 12 I’m afraid so i understand the concerns. I am unsure how they would procede in this case as i have never came across this scenario. I assume they would drop you down to the €55 package. I would ask for clarification & take your own dress with you incase this happens.

      Yes, you should arrive 30-60 minutes in advance to have time to browse the dresses on offer.

      I hope you get a dress that fits but again, i would err on the side of caution & take a dress with you.

      Kind regards.

  10. I emailed in English but got s response in French could you translate please. I want to book my daughter for the prestige package @ £180 on April 2nd for her 5 th birthday as we have booked lunch with the princess’s at 1pm that day to.
    Chère Madame, Cher Monsieur,

    Nous tenons tout d’abord à vous remercier de nous avoir fait parvenir votre demande et de l’intérêt que vous portez à Disneyland® Paris.

    Disney Special Activities propose des prestations d’exception et services de qualité pouvant répondre à vos souhaits.

    Notre équipe va traiter votre demande et vous fera parvenir une offre complète et détaillée. Nous vous remercions de noter que nos bureaux sont ouverts du lundi au dimanche de 09H00 à 17H45.

    Nous enregistrons actuellement une forte augmentation de courriels. Toutefois, soyez assurés que nous mettrons tout en œuvre pour que notre délai de réponse n’excède pas quinze jours. Afin de vous garantir le meilleur service possible, nous vous conseillons de nous recontacter 3 mois avant la date de votre séjour.

    Nous vous remercions de votre patience et votre compréhension.

    • Hi Jolene,

      They should have replied in Englush so this is unusual! Here is the translation.

      Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

      We would first like to thank you for sending us your request and your interest in Disneyland® Paris.

      Disney Special Activities offers exceptional services and quality services that can meet your wishes.

      Our team will process your request and send you a complete and detailed offer. Thank you to note that our offices are open from Monday to Sunday from 09:00 to 17:45.

      We are currently recording a sharp increase in emails. However, rest assured that we will make every effort to ensure that our response time does not exceed fifteen days. In order to guarantee you the best possible service, we advise you to contact us 3 months before the date of your stay.

      We thank you for your patience and understanding.

    • Hi Kelly,

      The €55 package does not include a dress. The €120 package includes a dress from La Galerie Mickey shop in Disneyland Hotel. The dresses on offer vary so I can’t tell you exactly which dresses will be on offer on any given day. They do often have Rapunzel dresses but the Rapunzel wedding dress is excluded as it is a much more expensive dress.

      As abackup you are able to take your own dress (which will be much cheaper buying online or from Asdas etc) before you go & then choosing the €55 package as you wouldn’t then need a dress.

      Kind regards.

  11. Hi, can you help? I have emailed Disney Activities twice now. I have had acknowledgments for both explaining it will be 14 days, this has exceeded on both emails.

    I am trying to book Royal Family Escort and classic package for next month when we come to Disney and getting slightly concerned by lack of contact?

    I have tried calling number provided on email and the number is not recognised.

    Can you advise best course of action.

    Thank you

    • Hi Teri,

      Sorry to hear this, it’s not usual for this to happen. I can only re-iterate methods of contact for you which may be successful :

      please contact the Booking Office on:

      08448 008 898
      Booking Office opening hours (UK time):
      Monday – Friday : 9.00am – 8.00pm
      Saturday : 9.00am – 6.00pm
      Sunday : 10.00am – 5.30pm

      contact Disney® Special Activities by email at

      Also, please check your junk folder incase any replies have made it there.

      I hope you get an answer as this is not very good at all!

      Kind regards

  12. Hi, am I correct in saying that the €55 package can only be booked once you are actually at the park and can only be made for the day that you enquire? We are going for 4 days in June so if I went in on the weds could I book the €55 package say for the Friday?? Thanks

    • Hi Nichola,

      It depends entirely on the CM at the time & how busy they are. I have heard of guests being able to book a few days in advance on arrival but the official line is that you should book on the day itself. No harm trying!

      Kind Regards

  13. Hi,

    I emailed in the hope of booking the 120 Euro dress & makeup package for my daughter on our visit in 2 months time and received this reply :

    We would like to thank you for your request and for taking the time to contact Disney Special Activities.
    Several possibilities are available for the Princess for a day, we are pleased to send you below the details relative to these offers:

    1 – Booking on site:
    Booking and payment on your arrival at the Disneyland hotel shop – this service is subject to availabilities.
    Hairdressing, makeup, dress: 120€ VAT incl.

    2 – Booking before the date of your visit :
    Reservation and payment prior to your arrival are organized through Disney Special Activities.
    Hairdressing, makeup, dress and Royal Escort: 470€ VAT incl.

    So the 120 Euro package is NOT pre-bookable. Such a shame!! ?

    • Hi Fiona,

      Yes sorry, there has been a change in policy (& pricing) over the past week or two. We updated our site to reflect the fact you can no longer book the lower packages inadvance but we are still awaiting the price updates & all the full details. This is a real shame, especially if prices rise too much but we will have to wait & see. The €470 package will probably price out a lot of visitors sadly.

      Anyway, thats the new rules so we have to go with them. I would advise you to get to the DL hotel as early as possible on the day to book the package. Fingers crossed you get a slot, it really is a treat that the girls will love!!

      Kind Regards

  14. Hi, we went to Disney Paris a few years ago and my daughter was very upset as she couldn’t get to see the princesses in the princess pavilion for autographs, as you had to book in person the day before, we were only there for one day, so that was not possible. We are going again in a few weeks and don’t want the same thing to happen, how can we book in advance for this? only there for a day again?! Thx

    • HiEmms,

      You cannot book the Princess Pavilion but have to queue on the day. The queue can be anything up to 3 hours at peak times. The lowest queues are first thing in the morning but even then you would have to get to the park gates around 8am, wait for opening at 8:30am (by this time there will be a lot of people waiting but you will be near the front) and then when the gates open you go as quickly as possible to the Princess Pavilion and await opening. You may still have a wait of an hour.

      If you want to guarantee seeing the Princesses then there are 2 ways. First is to pay for the Royal Escort package but this is very expensive at over €400.

      The cheaper way would be to book the Princess meal so why not consider booking the Auberge de Cendrillon restaurant? You could have a meal while princesses dance with their princes in the room (as well as other characters) & they will all come round everyones tables to have a meet n greet with you all and let you have an autograph and a photo opportunity. You can book this restaurant 60 days in advance but it is VERY popular so the sooner you book the better.

      You can get more info here >

      The restaurant booking line is +33 (0) 1 60304050

      I hope that helps
      Kind Regards

  15. I’m going to DisneyLand this year and want to have the Princess for a Day package, but I’m 13,going on 14.
    I really want to have the experience,
    is it possible for me have a Princess for a Day makeover ?

    • Hi Cara,

      The Princess for a Day makeover is only for guests aged 12 & under as this is the maximum size dress which Disneyland Paris sell. The reason for this is so that younger children are not confused & mistaking older children or adults as real Disney princesses! If you were very small for your age then you *may* fit into an age 11 or 12 dress but I would think they may be strict if you are too tall.

      Kind Regards

    • Hi Krista,

      They are sized by age & go up to age 12. Many people state however that they are slightly smaller made than normal. You can always take your own dress if you are unsure of getting a correct size while there as a back up.

      Kind Regards

  16. Do you know if someone else can book pfad for you in advance? Eg someone who is going 1 month before you – could they book for you or do you have to do it on person at the time of your visit?

    • Hi Kirsty,

      You can only book in advance if you are doing one of the super expensive princess experiences in excess of €300. These can be booked up to 3 months before arrival by anyone.

      The lower options can only be booked on the day itself I’m afraid.

      Kind Regards

    • Hi Lynn,

      Yes, the Princess for a Day is open to all children aged 3-12. Of course, although it is primarily thought of for girls, if you and/or your son are happy then you can absolutely book this.

      If you need any further info then feel free to ask!

      Kind Regards

  17. Hello,

    Is there an updated list of the costumes available to choose from? We go in a week but don’t know the options so no sure whether to buy before or wait until there.


    • Hi Claire,

      Unfortunately not. You could ring the Disneyland Hotel itself (or email) & ask but the range changes frequently. You are usually certain to find the classics such as Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White, but others can be dependent on stock such as Rapunzel, Jasmine etc

      Kind regards

  18. Is there an option where I can just have the photo shoot of my little girl without the 45minute pampering as I don’t think she would sit still for that long


    • Hi Kerry,

      Unfortunately not, but the 45 minutes isn’t a time limit so to speak. They are very good with the children though & if it takes a little longer then it isn’t a problem. Our daughter was 4 when she had it 1st done & loved it. You could ask at Town Hall if they could accommodate your request as only they could do that.

      Kind Regards

  19. Hi, I called the special activities team and I was told the royal escort package has now increased to 1900 euros?? Do you know if this is correct, it seems like s massive jump in price from 300!!

  20. Hello I wen my last June and my daughter had the princess make over which she loved. We are going back October 2019 and she wants to do princess for a day again but this time as a villain. Do the ladies do villains make up and hair?

    • Hi Samantha,

      I’m afraid it is usually just the “classic” princesses for the makeover but there would be no harm in asking if it’s possible on the day. I think it would depend entirely on which Cast Member was doing the makeovers on any given day as to whether your wish would be successful.

      Otherwise there is also face painting which can have some villainous creations on the boards.

      Kind regards

  21. What time do they begin the princess for a day make over on a Sunday? I wanted it done before my daughter attends the princess breakfast booked at 9.45. Is that enough time?

  22. Hi.

    We are going DLP in August 2021. I’d like to book the PFAD for my daughter who will be 3. Will they have enough dresses in her age or am I better bringing a dress for her with me and just doing the hair and makeup.

    • Hi Sian,

      They should have dresses to fit but it may be wiser to take a back-up just incase the actual dress you prefer is there in the day. That way it will avoid disappointment.

      Kind regards

  23. Hi I’m taking my daughter to Disney 2months after she has turned 13, she is quite short for her age only just 5 foot. Will she be able to get the makeover if she only gets her hair and makeup done and not wear a dress??

    • Hi Marianne, sorry for the late reply.

      Disney will be quite strict with the policy on over 12s dressing up regardless of height so i would expect for this service they would not comply. You could always try your luck & ask on the day if they have space & would be willing to do hair & make-up (without dress). However, there are boutiques in hotels such as the Celestial Spa in Disneyland Hotel which offers beauty services for adults (over 12s) so perhaps you should look into that?

    • Hi Darren,

      Yes, Princess for a day will be returning when social distancing & covid has reduced to a level required. With todays breaking news around parades & fireworks… and social distancing in general, this may happen a lot sooner than people had thought!

  24. thanks for the response.
    just seen their announcement. thanks for the heads up.
    do you know anymore about booking of the princess for a day? i have got sent a phone number but it’s cost me a fortune being on hold, gave up waiting.

    • Hi Darren,

      Still no official news on Princess for a day but with removal of social distancing it becomes easier. We just have to keep an eye out for more news. Booking will be on the day anyway so i wouldn’t waste money phoning at the moment. Fingers crossed for you!

    • Hi Ange,

      It’s not back I’m afraid. It’s based in the Disneyland hotel but that’s closed for refurbishment this year.

      Kind regards

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