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Disneyland Paris Money Saving Tips

Disneyland Paris on a budget

DLP on a budgetWe are currently working on bringing as many top moneysaving tips for your trip to Disneyland Paris as we can.

We will continually update this page with any tips & tricks to stretch those pennies for anyone wishing to save money while visiting Disneyland Paris as we all know how expensive it can be……. besides, the more money we save…. the more times we can go back !!

To start you off we will just throw in some of our favourite tips until we have time to fully address this topic :


  • Prices vary throughout Europe but you can book using ANY EU countries offer on the Disneyland Paris official site. You can also phone & ask for a specific countries deal.
  • In the train station just before the Disney parks entrance you can purchase supplies such as Juice, bread, cereals or other snacks to take into the parks.
  • Disney Village has a McDonalds restaurant which is pretty much as cheap as it is back home!
  • Santa Fe & Cheyenne Hotels are the cheapest onsite hotels but are regularly voted the best themed by visitors (especially Cheyenne). Perfect if you only intend to use hotel as a base.
  • If you are staying onsite then you can take a few pastries (croissants, Pain au Chocolat, Bread rolls) from your buffet breakfast to have as a light lunch.
  • Take an empty water bottle & use the free water fountains throughout the park to refill for free. You could also jazz it up with some handy sized diluting juice bottles.
  • Check the back of your receipts as there are often vouchers for free drinks or money off another purchase.
  • Split meals. Some portions are large enough to share such as the Double fish & Chips in Toad Hall restaurants or an adults Pizza from various locations.
  • Before you go buy ponchos from Poundland as they can cost €10 per person when you get there and get caught in a downpour!!


Feel free to add your own moneysaving tips to the comment section below & we will be sure to add them to our “On a Budget” list !!


  1. Hi,
    We are travelling next week to stay in Newport Bay. With two little ones, I had planned on taking a bottle of wine with me to share once they have gone to sleep…however I have read that our bags will be scanned and alcohol removed; can you offer any clarification on this please?

    • Hi Natalie,

      The rules are as follows

      2.3. Alcohol consumption: alcohol consumption is regulated. The only alcoholic beverages allowed are those sold in the hotel bars and restaurants and consumed on the premises.

      However, ive heard many many people say that hotel security will let you in with one or 2 bottles of wine & dont really stress about it. If you go through security at Disney Village they WILL confiscate it. If you are going directly to your hotel then it should be fine but not 100% guaranteed you will be allowed it as there could be a very strict guard on that day. I know its not a definite answer but hopefully it helps.

      Kind regards

  2. Hello!
    Is there any special offer for next semptember? We arw 2 adults and 2 babies (2 years – 3 months) and we are flexible on dates. We would like to book 4 days 3 nights. I can’t find any offer with free dinig plans or vouchers! Thanks!!

    • Hi Marta, offers are not around yet due to covid but as things open up fully we should see offers return. It’s just a case of checking regularly I’m afraid.

  3. Omg I can’t thank you enough this is so much info!!! I think il do either the full board uk for 2 nights or the French no food – what is the ‘quick sevice’ ? Il prob find it on your site, it’s so informative!

    • Hi Niamh,

      You’re very welcome. The Free dining package gives you a breakfast voucher to use in the parks. Locations vary but usually its places like Hyperion Cafe or Restaurant des Coullisse. You can also pay a little extra to upgrade it to a hotel buffet breakfast or have breakfast in Annettes Diner in the village.

      For lunch & Dinner you will have a voucher to use at around 20 locations in the parks which will either offer a set menu, a la carte or buffet option. I’ll put the link below, but staying in Sequioa Lodge gives you the “PLUS” Meal plan. Again, you aren’t tied to just those 20 restaurants either as you can use the vouchers for face value & pay a top-up if you wanted to splash out on one of the top restaurants.

      Scroll down this page a bit to see all the “PLUS” restaurants you can eat for free with the voucher.


      Some people prefer having the meal plan as you know all your meals are covered. We tried it for the first time last year & actually really enjoyed it. We ate at all you can eat buffet restaurants so that the kids would always have at least something they liked!!

      Not long to go now!!

      Kind Regards

  4. Hi! you gave me a great few tips on hotels last time, wondering if you know what country has good offers for mid January in sequoia lodge or Newport?? many thanks!!!

    • Hi Niamh,

      How many are in your party & ages of any children? I’ll have a scout around for you. Our family recently booked using the Dutch offer but that has ended unfortunately. We’ll get you a good one though!

      Kind Regards

      • thank so much for your speedy reply! so it will be just me and my daughter who is 8. like that, hoping to go mid jan same as last time – qs were lovely, a total pleasure!

        • Hi Niamh,

          We are going end of January, beginning of February. It really is a good time to go (as long as you wrap up warm haha).

          I forgot to ask, how many nights are you needing?

          Kind Regards

          • Hi Niamh,

            OK! Are you ready for all the info? Surprisingly the UK offer is one of the better offers this time. It’s also worth bearing in mind that these offers run until 28th November at which point we will see new offers….. whether they will be better or worse is unknown but if they are better then you should be able to rebook the better deal without too much fuss, just perhaps a small admin fee.

            Now, onto the current deals. These will depend on how you want to proceed as the offers have their own benefits.

            UK offer – Free FULL BOARD quick service dining package (value around £100 per night)

            2 nights Sequioa = £520 3 nights = £680
            2 Nights Newport = £615 / 3 nights = £826
            Just to also throw in that staying at Hotel Santa Fe has a 3 night cost of £550 but no pool & a lower star rated hotel (but still great!)

            Dutch offer – €200 gift card to spend in Disney restaurants or shops as you please

            3 nights Sequioa = £700
            3 nights Newport = £850

            Belgian/French offer = 35% off plus kids stay free under 12

            2 nights Sequioa = £350 3 nights = £ 470
            2 nights Newport = £425 3 nights = £590

            Again just for added comparison you can get 3 nights at Santa Fe for £340

            On the face of it the UK offer looks best bang for your buck but the Belgian/French sites are much cheaper but no meals included offering flexibility on where to eat & how much to spend on dining. Depending on where you choose to eat there may not end up being much difference in which package you choose though, but if you aren’t big eaters or are happy with lower cost meals then the Belgian/French deal may suit best. If you like to know all your meals are paid for in advance & want to eat in Disney restaurants/Buffets then the UK offer may well suit you best. The prices are a bit higher than last year i think.

            Over to you & if you need any further advice or help then feel free to ask. We want you to have another magical stay!!

            Kind Regards

        • Hi can I please have some help need to book ASAP. As a so called friend I was supposed to be going with has cancelled it after I surprised my children on Xmas day .. family of 4 2x adults 1x 7 year old 1 x 8 year old looking around June July time

          • Hi Sasha,

            June/July will be a great time to visit. The 30th celebrations will be on & the all new Marvel Avengers land opens in the summer.

            June will be very nice & not as busy as July. We would recommend booking an onsite stay in a Disney Hotel. This includes tickets in the price for every day you are there including 1st & last day. It also gives you guarantees around changing bookings or cancelling.

            A lot depends on your budget. If it is a first visit i would recommend Hotel Cheyenne which has an amazing Wild West theme crossed with woody from Toy Story.

            Meal plans can be added to your booking but most people find it’s good to just be flexible when you arrive with freedom to eat wherever you like.

            Have a look around our site. We have all hotels, restaurants with menus & guides to help. If you want to ask anything specific then im happy to help.

            Kind regards

  5. Hello,
    I´d like to ask you – is it cheaper to buy tickets online or buy them at the park? I´ve been to DLP once and I bought it online, and then I saw everyone carrying around little sized tickets (they´re quite lovely)- those you get only if you buy them there?
    Thank you so much!

    • Hi Tereza

      It is cheaper buying online before you go. The small tickets are when you buy a Disney package of hotel & tickets. They come with pictures of goofy, mickey, minnie etc on them. Annual Passes are also credit card sized.

      Kind Regards

  6. If you are feeling overwhelmed and need some help planning your family’s trip to Disneyland Paris, take a deep breath. Thanks to many of these tips, our first trip to Disneyland Paris ended up being one of the most memorable — and budget-friendly — trips we’ve taken together as a family so far!

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