disney d-light drone show

30th Anniversary Grand Finale

March 17, 2023 DLP Tips 0

Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary Grand Finale Disneyland Paris invites you to share in the unforgettable experience of the 30th Anniversary celebrations. This year promises to be spectacular as see the […]

Disney Magical Weeks

Disneyland Paris Photopass Offer

August 24, 2021 DLP Tips 0

Disney Magical Weeks – Holiday Memories   Disneyland Paris look set to have a new special offer every single month in a new promotion titled “Disney Magical Weeks”. This will […]

Disneys Halloween Party 2021

Disney’s Halloween Party announced

July 12, 2021 DLP Tips 0

Disney’s Halloween Party 2021 Disney have officially released tickets for Disney’s 2021 Halloween Party! For those guests who are attending you will be required to purchase a special ticket to […]