Ride Closures & Refurbishments 2024

DLP Ride Closures & Refurbishments 2024

Disneyland Paris is open 365 days a year and so essential maintenance & upgrades must be carried out whilst the park is open. Disneyland Paris tries to minimise these closures but there will always be a need for safety checks, upgrades or refurbishments. DLP Ride Closures & Refurbishments for this year, which Disneyland release roughly 1 to 3 months in advance, are all available on the Disneyland Paris website.

2023 Ride Closures & Refurbishments at Disneyland Paris

What Rides are closed at Disneyland Paris?

Ride Closures & Refurbishments DLP

Please bear in mind that all dates given by Disneyland Paris are subject to change at short notice but generally the list will be correct. Check back at periods before your trip to check the status of your favourite rides! Before planning, check the official Disneyland Paris site for full closures on your exact dates. From the homepage you want to click on “PARK HOURS” located at the top of the page. From here you can scroll down and see all attractions which will be open. Using the calendar on the right you can choose each specific date of your stay. You can also use the drop down options to only show which attractions are closed during your stay.

You can also check the official Disneyland Paris booking site to see what hotel closures & refurbishments are scheduled although these will be made aware to you at the time of booking. Disneyland has recently started closing several restaurants & dining options during the lower season or also during higher season for cleaning & upgrading or just if the park is not at capacity. A daily list of all restaurants can be had from City Hall when you arrive. If you have any questions about Ride Closures & Refurbishments then please let us know via our contact page or in our Facebook Group.


  1. Hi,
    It says that Hyper Space Mountain is scheduled to be closed between the 5th and 9th of November.
    According to the website it will be open…

  2. Hi! I was planning to go on the 3rd and 4th of feb, do yo know if these closures include the 4th of February or if they will be opening on the 4th?

    • Hi,

      All dates are inclusive I’m afraid so they open on the 5th. However, they could soft open earlier if they complete maintenance quicker than expected.

      Kind regards

      • Che possibilità ci sono di vedere aperto it’s a small world per l’estate 2022? Magari per fine agosto? E’ escluso proprio che possa riaprire prima di fine anno? Altra domanda la piscina del sequoia lodge risulta chiusa fino all’estate 2022,pensi possa essere aperta quindi per fine agosto?

        • Hello

          Yes Sequioa Lodge pool has very good chance of being open but its a small world will almost definitely not open by August

          Kind regards

  3. We are planning to go christmas 2022 from 15-18th are they planning many ride closures was hoping most would be open due to Disneyland Paris celebrating 30 years

    • Hi Kieron, sorry for the late reply. Planned closures so far in advance are unknown but as a general rule the most busy periods such as near Christmas are usually one of the best times to visit with minimal closures unless absolutely necessary.

      Kind regards

    • Hi Wayne,

      The latest info said April reopening but it has been delayed & put back so many times now it’s hard to say for sure.

  4. You have animation celebration down as closed first part of the year but seen plenty of pic of people doing the drawing in there recently?

  5. I’ve heard Pirates of the Caribbean is closed in May, do you know which dates/how long for? Is there an easy way to find this out? Thanks!

    • Hi Dave,

      Yes Pirates is scheduled for routine maintenance in May however we wont know the specific dates until around end of Feb/March time. It is only a short term closure though.

      Kind regards

      • Hi Billy, thanks for the reply. Do you know if there is any pattern to when they close rides (start / end of the month) . Also any insight into how long it could be shut for? Thanks.

        • Sorry David I don’t keep that sort of historic information. Last year Pirates closed in early June. As its only routine maintenance i would expect it to close for 3-7 days but it’s all guesswork really until DLP provide exact dates 3 months before hand.

          Kind regards

  6. Hi all, a post has just come up on my newsfeed advising the castle is being refurbished well into next year……please can you let me know if this is true?! Thanks in advance.

    • Hi,

      At the moment this hasn’t been officially confirmed and is only rumour.

      However, the rumour has come from a very reliable source & so looks likely. We don’t know any timeframe yet but a full refurbishment could last up to 2 years.

      Kind regards

    • Hi Joanne,

      Yes there is plenty open for the kids (& adults). There will be a few closures for annual maintenance but only a small percentage

  7. Hi Billy,

    My grown daughters and I will be visiting DLP from Dallas, TX in September 2019. Can you tell me what rides are scheduled for closure during that time. Thanks so much!

    Dawn Ellegood

    • Hi Dawn,

      Unfortunately there isn’t much i can tell you. Short term closures are only announced around 3 months in advance (so June for September).

      The future closures only go up until September at the moment but i can see that Indiana Jones; Temple of Peril is scheduled to be closed from September onwards.

      You will have to just keep checkung as the year continues but should have a full picture sometime in June.

      Kind Regards

  8. I’m going with 4 children on the 14 th feb 2019 to dlp , is there any closures for that date . We have favorite rides and would be disappointed if they were shut . We go practically every year .

    • Hi Jean,

      There are a few closures on 14th. Hopefully not too many of your favourites add in this list.

      Phantom Manor
      Disneyland railroad
      Tram Tours
      Art of Animation
      Cars Rally

      These are the only clisures for 14th-19th which actually isn’t too bad for February. Have a magical stay!

      Kind Regards

  9. Hi! Do you know if buzz lightyear will now be open in February? The expected closure has gone from the official Disneyland Paris website? Would be great if it is open for the 21st Feb! Many thanks, Maria

    • Yes it appears to have been rescheduled which is good for you! Schedules for a few refurbishments have been jiggled around this past few weeks & Buzz seems to now be open. Have a grwat trip!

      Kind Regards

    • Hi Rose,

      Good news! Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster will be open. In fact there are no closures at all in Walt Disney studios park & only a very small closure list for the main park from now until January 6th.

      Have a magical time!


  10. Do you know something about Cars Quatre roues Rallye Will be closed until october 2019 in the newest Update on Disney is that correct. We may visit in spring ….. maybe april, and our son abselutely love it – so!

    • Hi Jens,

      Disney appear to be regularly changing the refurbishment dates on a number of rides lately. Today we received news that Cars Rally will be closed until June unfortunately. Now, it may change again, but at the moment it is officially closed until June 2019.


  11. Hi DLP
    We are going to Disney tomorrow and are quite sad that the Phantom Manor is closed over the whole Halloween period. Will Jack and Sally meet and greet be placed elsewhere?

    • Hi Nick,

      Sorry i missed your question as i’ve been on holiday myself!

      I hope you got to meet Jack & Sally as i know they re-opened the Phantom Manor gardens in the past week or so, specifically for Jack & Sally’s brand new meet ‘n’ greet area.

      Kind Regards

  12. Hi, I’m in DLP for 5 days from next Wednesday 10th October. Can anyone confirm about the opening status of Ratatouille ride please? Disney site says its open yet this site says it isn’t. Thank you

    • Hi,

      Ratatouille was supposed to be closed for an extensive refurbishment from August to December. This was then shelved & scheduled a a shorter Oct 1st-12th closure. It is certainly open today though so the work must have been carried out much quicker than planned & we will update our closures accordingly. Have a great trip!

      Kind Regards

  13. Hello DLP.
    I am visiting DLP from 22 to 24 oct 2018. The app shows princess pavillion Meet and greet is closed for refurbishment on those days. Will it be held somewhere else in the park or there wont be any meet and greet at all on those days??
    Kind Regards

    • Hi Aidan,

      The opening date has been moved a couple of times but the date we have for the moment is early 2019 I’m afraid. That’s not to say it will change or have a soft opening but it looks like November will be closed. It’s certainly a large refurb going on with extensive work. Fingers crossed for you that it opens early!

      Kind Regards

  14. We are there 9th-12th September. Can you confirm when Princess meet and greet will be open again? Seems to be closed for refurb at this moment?

    • Hi Jade,

      The Princess Pavilion is currently open & there is no scheduled refurbishment planned during September. Wait times this past week have averaged between 60-90 minutes.

      Kind Regards

      • Thank you for your response Billy but when I go on the app to check wait times it is listed as closed, so too the Mickey Mouse meet and greet in his little house. Willing them to be open, so hope you’re correct but worried the app is listing the closure!

        • Hi Jade,

          Thats strange. I can only assume the app is wrong although the Princess Pavilion was closed for 40 minutes yesterday due to technical reasons. Maybe you are just being unlucky when looking at times? I will try get some confirmation today.

          Kind Regards

          • Thanks again Billy, hugely appreciate your help! I was checking consistently yesterday and it was a constant. Said ‘closed temporarily ‘ and this morning it’s saying ‘closed for refurbishment’… will hope to hear from you!!

          • Hi Jade,

            Checked with someone who’s in the park today & it’s definitely open! Probably just a glitch in the app. Have a magical time!!


  15. I will be in dlp for 4 nights from 5th February will the rides that a due to reopen early February be open during my dates Also is there any chance the car stunt show will be open at the beginning of my holiday.

    • Hi Bernie,

      At this stage it isn’t 100% accurate & osures/refurbs are only known 3 months in advance. I’m afraid you won’t get a better idea of finalised dates for February until about November time onwards.

    • Hi Roy,

      Disney tend to release dates around 3 months in advance for small closures. I can tell you that at the end of October there is currently only Ratatouille & Indiana Jones scheduled to close. Phantom Manor “may” be closed but is scheduled to open at the later end of October. You should get a detailed list of any short closures around the beginning of August for closures at the end of October.

      Kind Regards

  16. With the two Disney Parks open 365 days a year, essential maintenance and upkeep has to happen during scheduled attraction closures throughout the season, published a few months in advance. The bulk of the programme has now been completed, with only a few major renovations ongoing in spring and summer 2017.

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  19. Can you please confirm opening day of pirates of the Caribbean. Cos I found different days of opening. Thk you

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