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Disneyland Park Restaurants

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Dining is one of the treats of visiting Disneyland Paris with every budget, taste and experience catered for. We love being able to snack on a burger in the afternoon before heading to some of the finest international cuisine in the evening. Please have a look at our comprehensive list of Disneyland Park restaurants below and read our impartial reviews on each dining experience.

The main Disneyland Park has many restaurants to suit all budgets and tastes. You are never far from a restaurant in all 5 areas of Disneyland Park. You can dine with the princesses in the Auberge De Cendrillon or perhaps pick up a quick burger in the Cowboy Cookout.


Disneyland have 3 main types of service for their restaurants.

1. Counter Service – These restaurants require you to order your food at the counter before either taking away or sitting in to enjoy your meal. They are generally the cheapest way to eat in Disneyland although prices vary.

2. Table Service – Table Service dining in DLP resort is the classic restaurant experience. Typically you will be served by a waiter and seated at a table with a choice of menu. These are typically more expensive but can be much more relaxing and a high quality of food.

3. Buffet – As expected, buffet restaurants in Disneyland Paris require you to choose your own food from a vast selection of foods before taking your seat to enjoy the cuisine. Prices range from good value to slightly more expensive but the quality is always there.

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NameLocationServiceCharactersFood StyleDLP Menus
Plaza GardensMain StreetBuffetnoInternational
Cable Car Bake ShopMain StreetQuicknoSnacks
Casey's CornerMain StreetQuicknoAmerican
Market House DeliMain StreetQuicknoSnacks
Victoria's Home StyleMain StreetQuicknoSnacks
Walt's American RestaurantMain StreetTableyesFine Dining
Cowboy Cookout BBQFrontierlandBuffetyesAmerican
Casa de CocoFrontierlandQuicknoTex Mex
Last Chance CafeFrontierlandQuicknoAmerican
Lucky Nugget SaloonFrontierlandTablenoSteak & BBQ
Silver Spur SteakhouseFrontierlandTablenoSteak & BBQ
Buzz Lightyear's Pizza PlanetDiscoverylandBuffetnoAmerican
Cafe HyperionDiscoverylandQuicknoAmerican
Agrabah CafeAdventurelandBuffetnoMediterranean
Captain Jack's Restaurant des PiratesAdventurelandTablenoSeafood
The Coffee GrinderMain StreetQuicknoSnacks
Colonel Hathi's Pizza OutpostAdventurelandQuicknoAmerican
Cookie KitchenMain StreetQuicknoSnacks
Hakuna MatataAdventurelandQuicknoAfrican
Au Chalet de la MarionnetteFantasylandQuicknoGerman
Auberge de CendrillonFantasylandTableyesFine Dining
Pizzeria Bella NotteFantasylandQuicknoItalian
Toad HallFantasylandQuicknoBritish
Ice Cream CompanyMain StreetQuicknoSnacks
Fantasia GelatiFantasylandQuicknoIce Cream
Gibson Girl Ice Cream ParlourMain StreetQuicknoIce Cream

It would be great if you could click on any of the reviews for places you have already visited and leave your own ratings and review for each outlet. This will help our newer members make an even better informed decision as everyone has different tastes. We will regularly update our Disneyland Park Restaurant reviews to keep you informed.

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