Internet & Wi-Fi Areas

Disneyland Paris Internet & Wi-Fi Areas

Internet & Wi-Fi AreasThe need for Internet & Wi-Fi Areas has become a modern day necessity for many people. When you visit Disneyland Paris you will be immersed in a world of imagination, carefree days & No Worries (or Hakuna Matata as we like to say). From the moment you arrive you will forget your world at home and all the stresses of work and enjoy every moment. Of course, these days we are never really on our own with world at your fingertips thanks to the internet. It’s nice to share the magic you are experiencing too by updating your facebook, posting pictures to twitter or just generally letting people know you are having a great time.

Disneyland Paris knows the importance and power of online social media and so they have spent a huge amount of time and money in ensuring that they offer the best service to all visitors. They aren’t quite all the way there yet but it is an ongoing process. As you can imagine, Disneyland Paris is a massive area and so a lot of planning and execution has to go into any park wide improvements.


Disney Onsite Hotels Internet & Wi-Fi Areas

You can also request wired internet access at all hotels for a small surcharge. This is especially handy for the hotels which do not have full room coverage such as the Cheyenne, Santa Fe & Crockett’s Ranch. Disney Partner Hotels also offer Free Wi-Fi as standard. These include Magic Circus, Campanile, Dream Castle & Explorers Hotel.

Theme Park & Disney Village Internet & Wi-Fi Areas

Of course, there’s nothing better than instantly uploading that special photo as soon as you take it. Disneyland Paris is 100% connected to the Wireless world but continues to make great progress in signal strength & started offering Wi-Fi throughout the parks at the end of 2016/beginning of 2017. As of today there is fairly good wireless coverage throughout the parks but it is still a little lacking in some secluded blackspots.

The closest area to the Disneyland Park with guaranteed Wi-Fi would be Disneyland Hotel which offers free wi-fi. In fact there is a small bench just outside the Hotels front doors which you can pick up the Wireless signal without even going in to the hotel itself.

In Disney Village you can of course connect to the McDonalds free Wi-Fi service although this can be quite slow as there are lots of users in a very small area ! Thankfully Disney have started rolling out Wi-Fi in the Village eateries & bars and you can now find Internet access at the following areas :

  • Buffalo Bill’s WWS
  • Sports Bar (again this can be a slow connection)
  • The Steakhouse
  • Billy Bobs at La Grange

3G & 4G internet roaming access at Disneyland Paris

You will be pleased to hear that the reception throughout the whole of Disneyland Paris is excellent. Please check with your supplier what the costs are for international roaming before using this service as you don’t want to face any unexpected large bills on your return from the magic !

Mobile Charging Stations at Disneyland Paris

Of course, with the rise in smart phone usage it can be a severe drain on mobile phone batteries so Disneyland Paris have started offering paid for & free mobile charging points throughout the parks. You can check out our Mobile Charging Stations guide for more details & locations.



    • Hi David,

      sorry for the late reply. No, frustratingly there has still not been any further announcement. The Studios WIFI rollout is behind schedule & there seems to be no further improvement in Park WIFI.

      Kind regards

        • Hi Bruce,

          Yes indeed! I need to update our wifi page as Disney has rolled out free wifi throughout the parks & hotel. It’s strongest in each hotel (nearest reception areas) of course & is known to be slightly patchy in the parks at times (Understandable as it’s such a massive area to cover) but it’s definitely available & can only get even better.

          Kind Regards

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