DLP Queue Times

Time is precious at Disneyland Paris

DLP Queue Times

In Disneyland Paris even queuing can be fun on some rides. It gives you that time to plan ahead, sort out any children who need some attention, drinks or just a chat. It can also give your feet a rest from walking around & gives you some precious time to actually look at places & parts of the parks you normally don’t even notice as you are so busy enjoying yourself !

Planning aheadindiana jones and the temple of peril

There are ways in which you can avoid the queues (or some of them) and maximise your time enjoying yourself. There is no longer a Free Fastpass Ticket System at Disneyland Paris which helped massively, but you could still save even more time with a Disney Premier Access Pass which is a lifesaver, especially on the longer wait time rides, but also there are a few little known tips & tricks which can be invaluable.

Of course, what time of year you go has a massive effect on what your queue times will be. For example if you visit on a Saturday in mid-July then you are going to face waiting for up to 2 hours for some rides.


Alternatively, if you visit mid-week during early March then you can practically walk straight on almost all rides. Unfortunately we can’t all go during off peak season and so we have to look at other ways to improve our ride times. Planning is essential. Check out our Disneyland Paris Planning pages so you know in advance of how to use the Disney Premier Access Pass system, how to use the DLP Meal Plans or even where to find the nearest toilets & First Aid centres.

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