Café Mickey Menu

Café Mickey

Cafe Mickey MenuCafé Mickey is one of the most iconic Character Dining experiences at Disneyland Paris. The Café Mickey restaurant is located at the very corner of Disney Village looking out onto the Panoramagique balloon & views to Lake Disney.

Serving up a freshly imagineered menu with it’s re-opening in February 2018, you will be delighted to also learn that classic characters have returned to Café Mickey!

Here you will not only be served a delicious Italian themed menu of Pastas, Pizza & Italian cuisine but you will also be dining in the presence of Disneyland Paris’ most famous characters. Kids & adults alike will be delighted to see Mickey, Goofy, Pluto, Hook, Smee, Tigger, Pooh & many more! Reservations are a MUST!


Café Mickey Menu

Cafe Mickey Menu

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