Hi Noreen, sorry for the late reply. The height restrictions do …

Comment on Ride Restrictions by Billy Prentice.

Hi Noreen,

sorry for the late reply. The height restrictions do not go by age, only by size. You can see all the size restrictions on our page here > http://dlptips.com/advice/ride-restrictions/

Here they all are though :

You must be at least the height below to ride :

81cm / 31″
◾Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop
◾Flying Carpets over Agrabah

102cm / 40″
◾Star Tours
◾Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
◾Big Thunder Mountain

107cm / 42″
◾Crush’s Coaster

120cm / 47″
◾RC Racer
◾Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster

132cm / 52″
◾Autopia (Drive alone)
◾Space Mountain

140cm / 55″
◾Indiana Jones & the Temple of Peril

Kind Regards

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Annual Passes
Hi Tracey,

Only the Magic Plus holder will gain early entry (unless you are staying onsite) & also only they would get the free drink in the restaurant. One Magic Plus holder can buy up to 5 discounted Buffalo Bills tickets. The Magic Plus holder would also be able to get discount at restaurants for up to 6 people as long as they are the ones who say they are paying the bill (you can sort out who pays what between yourselves). Same goes with merchandise….. as long as the AP holder hands over the goods at the till with their pass then everyone in your party could receive the discount.

Ready for your next questions 🙂

Kind regards

Travel to DLP
Hi Paul,

It is advised to book in advance as they are cheaper especially if booking 3 months in advance. There is also the possibility that the train will be full at peak times & there will be no tickets for sale at the time you arrive.

Kind Regards

Annual Passes
Hi Thomas,

Yes there is no “surcharge”. The €55 is for the deposit if you were planning on paying monthly. This comes off the cost of the pass with the remaining balance paid in monthly instalments. You will get 20% off if all your family are staying at the same address. You may want to look at one of you purchasing the infinity pass which would allow you all to receive the highest discount on shop discounts, restauarant discounts & an annual photopass which you could all use.

Kind Regards

Hi Elisha,

Booking the €55 princess for a day starter package must be done in person at the ‘Galerie Mickey’ shop located on the second floor of the Disneyland Hotel. It is advisable to book as soon as you can on the day you wish to receive the package. There are limited times & places each day.

You can book the premium packages, which include a dress, in advance by contacting the Disneyland Paris Special Activities team via email using the following address : dlp.disney.special.activities@disney.com

Kind Regards

Annual Passes
Hi Bev,

I was about to say no as you never used to be able to buy them on the same day as you activate your Annual Pass however it appears that may well have changed as the Terms very recently as the official site now says :

– €39 discounted tickets – Privilege 1 day /2 Parks Ticket (unique price for adult and children), valid on the day of the visit, sold at the Disney ® Parks on-site ticket offices, within the limit of 5 tickets per week per Annual Pass Holder and up to a maximum of 10 tickets over the period of validity for the Magic Plus Pass and up to 20 tickets over the validity period for Infinity Pass holders. Tickets are valid only on the validity days of the Annual Pass.

So it appears that yes you can. You could get your annual pass and then return to the gates to purchase discounted tickets for family/friends of up to 5 per week at a cost of €39 and up to 10 tickets over the course of the year. After that you would be referred to the normal 1-day discount on the gate price with a reduction of 20% per ticket as detailed below.

— 1 day park tickets — Discount on 1 Day tickets purchased at the Disney ® Parks on-site ticket offers (maximum of 5 tickets per day per Annual Pass Holder). Not combinable with other offers or discounts.

I hope that helps. Any questions please feel free to ask!

Kind Regards