Very helpful site! Would really appreciate advice please – we …

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Very helpful site! Would really appreciate advice please – we are visiting Thurs Sept 29th- Mon Oct 3rd, with my husband leaving early Monday and me and our 2 yr old taking the direct 6pm train back to London (so I need an extra day’s ticket- toddler under 3 so free I think??). We have booked Eurostar but no park tickets or hotel yet. Disney hotels would be great but seem very expensive- we’re looking at Explorers, Val D’Elysee or Hipark as cheaper alternatives, but we really want the Magic Hours! So I’m considering annual passes – found Fantasy for £150 each or slightly more at gate, however I’m also wondering if instead, we book Disney Cheyenne or Santa Fe, perhaps for Thurs-Sun (giving us park tickets for 4 days) and cheaper hotel for the last night, as hubby is leaving early anyway.

Now what I have seen, as you mention on here, is people saying you can book just 1 adult/child into the Disney hotel and then add a 2nd on arrival at minimal/no extra cost – how does this work, as price difference is huge when booking upfront for 1 versus 2 adults?? Is it just an overlooked loophole by DLP? Seems too good to be true! In other words, can I book hubby & son into Disney hotel for £599 and add myself on arrival for free, or will they charge us the full £742 quoted when pricing for 2 adults? This would give us all breakfast at the hotel, hubby’s 4-day park tickets and meal vouchers and I would just buy a single fantasy pass to cover me/toddler for the whole 5 days, with all the nice extra discounts that gives us. If this is ok to do, we would be looking at about £840 total for a 4-day park ticket, 3 nights DLP hotel with breakfast, 1 annual pass, £60ish meal vouchers, 1 night offsite hotel. As opposed to about £600 for 4 nights off-site hotel, 2 annual passes, no breakfast or meal vouchers.

Have I figured this about right? Or is the book 1 adult/ 2 stay thing a bit of a myth?

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Annual Passes
Brilliant, thanks yes I will do. We’d love to go on some of the bigger rides if Griff plays ball, rider swap sounds ace 🙂 He loves Ratatouille and Dumbo so they’ll be our first ports of call I reckon. Can’t wait!

Annual Passes
Hi Billy, I’ve gone ahead and booked Hipark through as I got a great members deal (and Rewards scheme) but next time I use I will certainly try and do it through here 🙂 We are taking our own buggy as Griff will need a nap in the day, presume that’s ok with Eurostar?? Will definitely think about the AP guest add-on for our next trip- maybe with friends or family to get the best deal. Thanks so much for all the help!

Annual Passes
Hi, yes it’s our first trip and torn between wanting to make the most of it and not blowing our budget! Having said that, toddler is only 2 so may not remember all that much anyway- perhaps we can save the full-blown Disney hotel experience for when he’s a bit older! Explorers looks fab for kids and is currently a really good price but we worried it was a bit in the middle of nowhere, no shops etc, so we’d be totally reliant on hotel food and the shuttle which I hear gets busy. With husband needing to get away very early on Monday, I thought one nearer the station might be better. Leaning towards Hipark as we can get a suite with separate bedroom, which is great for putting our son to bed and letting us chill for a few hours. Close to shops/ station and walkable from the park. Plus if we get 2 annual passes then we can do it all again whenever we want… Ha!