Sports Bar Menu

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Sports Bar Menu

Sports Bar Disneyland ParisSports Bar is located in the heart of Disney Village at Disneyland Paris. This American themed Sports Bar offers quick service food & a range of classic drinks & cocktails.

Sports Bar features an inside seating area where you can enjoy classic American Sports event food such as Hotdogs, Fries, sandwiches & more. There is also a fully stocked bar & large screens showing the current sporting news & matches from many events around the sporting world.

You can also sit outside to enjoy your food & drink in the large outdoor seating area which also features a massive screen showing the sporting event of the day. If you are a fan of Americana then this is for you….. or perhaps you just cannot miss that huge football match while you are on holiday  ?!

Please note the menu below may not be exact as this is over 12 months old so should be used as a guide only :

Sports Bar Menu


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