Disney Dreams at Disneyland Paris

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Disney dreams Disneyland Paris

Disney Dreams at Disneyland Paris

The Disney Dreams at Disneyland Paris night-time spectacular is famed as THE BEST closing ceremony of any Disney Park, anywhere in the world. The show itself lasts approximately 20 minutes & runs every night after the park closes. Featuring Disney animations from throughout the years this is a family favourite for all ages. It began in 2012 (20th Anniversary year) and will run most likely until April 2017 (25th Anniversary year) at which time it will be re-imagined or replaced.

It’s FREE to watch for all & features fireworks, state of the art illuminations on the castle itself & uses brilliant techniques incorporating the water fountains & musical effects to fully immerse you into a spectacular night time show which is second to none.

The Story of Disney Dreams at Disneyland Paris

The story begins with Peter Pan who brings the castle to life with stunning illuminations using the castle as a huge projector screen which has to be seen to be believed. As usual his mischievous shadow escapes & makes the mistake of emptying the ” Second star to the right ” of its magic which spills down the castle front. Peter (& his shadow) then take us through a whole range of Disney classic movie scenes, characters & musical scores.

Disney Dreams at Disneyland Paris
disney fireworks

Fireworks at Disney Dreams show in Paris

Disney dreams is a fireworks spectacular with a massive amount of high quality fireworks throughout the show and ending with a huge finale of glorious light filling the sky. The show can be seen from some of the select Disney Hotels & most visibly from the Disneyland Hotel itself which has views straight down main street in some of the suites.

Musical Score

The music for Disney dreams at Disneyland Paris is a collection of some of the most well known and best loved music from Disney movies together with a special musical score for the interim parts. The musical score for Disney dreams in Paris was written by Joel McNeely & performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra with both a Children’s choir & Adults choir singing. The music & songs differ from season to season but you can expect to hear all of the songs below at some point throughout the year.

Songs from Disney Dreams at Paris



 You Can fly! Return to Neverland
A Pirate’s Life Return to Neverland
Never Smile at a Crocodile Return to Neverland
Out There Hunchback of Notredame
Second Star To The Right Peter Pan
Le Festin Ratatouille
Friend Like Me Aladdin
Can-Can Beauty & The Beast
Be Our Guest Beauty & The Beast
Fate & Destiny Brave
Touch The Sky Brave
Remember To Smile Brave
Hakuna Matata The Lion King
The Circle of Life The Lion King
I Just Can’t Wait to be King The Lion King
I See The Light Tangled
Let It Go Frozen
Friends on the Other Side The Princess & The Frog
Come Dream a Dream Cara Dillon/Sam Lakeman

As well as the main songs listed above there are also various seasonal songs which are not specifically Disney but do add magic to the show such as Christmas songs (Jingle Bells, Let it Snow etc) as part of Disney Dreams at Christmas.

Disney Dreams Special Effects

Of course, the fireworks are spectacular, but there is so much more going on that your senses will be on Disney overload trying to see everything. The water fountains in front of the castle are used to dazzling effect in time with the music shooting up to 50 metres into the air. There are also “mist screens” which use a layer of misty water to display projections of the show in colour appearing to float in the air on a magical canvas. There are shots of Fire which blast out from the sides of the castle in small bursts too. If you have purchased your “Disney Dreams Interactive Ears” then you will also see these change lights to the tune of the Dreams show.

Disney Dreams at Disneyland Paris tips & tricks

The show starts at closing time of Disneyland Park. To prepare for the show the area of Fantasyland is closed about 30 minutes prior to this.

To get a good view you are best to try get in the main circle area directly in front of the castle. The further to the side you are the less you will see.

People start finding good spots about 90 minutes prior to Dreams starting but being there about 30 minutes before should give time to find a decent spot.

It gets VERY busy so please keep a close eye on your children as they can easily wander and become lost and/or distressed

If you want to avoid the crowds then book a main street view in Disneyland hotel so you can watch the show from the comfort of your room!


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