Sleeping Beauty’s Gallery

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Sleeping Beauty’s Gallery

Sleeping Beauty's GallerySleeping Beauty’s Gallery is a timeless walkthrough attraction inside the Castle at Disneyland Paris. In French it is named much more beautifully as “La Galerie de la Belle au Bois Dormant”.

Inside the Castle we can take the winding stone staircase upwards to reveal the magnificent Sleeping Beauty’s Gallery. The walkthrough shows us the story of the Disney fairy-tale of Sleeping Beauty using intricate tapestries, richly detailed books & spectacular stained glass windows.

There is so much detail that has went in to each & every aspect that you could easily spend up to 30 minutes in Sleeping Beauty’s Gallery. Not only is there so much to see inside but this is also a perfect photo opportunity as the Gallery leads out to a viewing area upon the castle itself. From here we can view Fantasyland in all it’s glory and watch the people below enjoying Disneyland Paris to the fullest. You really will feel like royalty in this moment.

As the Gallery tells a story we must view it in the correct order to fully appreciate the tale. Once you reach the top of the staircase you must turn left & begin clockwise. We are then told the story of Sleeping Beauty in order. We then leave the gallery & out on to the castle balcony to see the dramatic views before continuing to the exit via another authentic spiral staircase.

Sleeping Beauty’s Gallery Tips

During peak times this can be a very busy area but it is such a great experience we believe it is a must do attraction

Don’t rush! If it’s busy…. then it’s busy….. but don’t let that rush you. The Gallery is meant to be savoured.

Disabled guests can use a lift in the shop below to ascend to the gallery. Ask a Cast Member for assistance.

You are only allowed on to the balconies on the rear of the castle.

Sleeping Beauty’s Gallery Video


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