Hi Steve, Sorry for taking so long to get back to …

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Hi Steve,

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I do know that Shareholders always got discount (up to 20% off) on the tours previously so I imagine that AP holders would too. There has been talk of there being changes to all the Tours during the 25th Anniversary celebrations but nothing has come to light yet. Call in at City Hall & they will give you a definitive answer (although as with many AP perks, it can depend on who is serving you on the day)!!

Kind Regards

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DLP Guided Tours
Hi Courtney

Yes the Disneyland Park & Disney Studios tours are both available in English. There is a 3rd tour (Tower of Terror Tour) but this is only available in French. Have fun!


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Visitors with Disabilities
Hi Felicia,

The rules regarding free carers & green cards is a bit of a mess this summer.

DLP introduced new criteria for disability passes this summer. The green pass now requires a Blue Badge or proof of a government issued DLA benefit such as PIP/DLA. Any proof of these must be dated in the last 12 months. Do you have either of these?

They also accept a medical certificate from your doctor dated within 3 months of travel but the level of pass given will be at the discression of the CM looking at your evidence.

So, that is what the new rules stated above BUT we understand that very recently they are reverting back to the old system where a doctors letter stating illness, problems caused & carer assistance is all that is needed.

I would therefor advise that you take as much evidence as you can but the doctors letter is the best. Also if you have DLA/PIP type letters, carers allowance letters, diagnosis letters or care plans then also take these & let the CM you talk to understand you NEED a green pass & of course a carer.

You can also ask explicitly from the Special Care team at DLP before you go by emailing them on


I hope that helps

Kind Regards

Visitors with Disabilities
Hi Roisin,

The official rule is that the Green Pass entitles 4 people to be placed with the Pass holder but this is flexible & in the hands of the CMs discression. When you are getting your green pass you need to alert them to the fact that you have other small children who, for obvious reasons couldnt be split up from you. If you also make the case that your Son would be distressed without your whole group being together then there should be no issues with you all being named on the pass.

You will be given access to different queue lines with little or no wait or given a return time for rides & meet n greets.

You will have a great time I’m sure!

Kind Regards

Visitors with Disabilities
Hi Emma,

Firstly, don’t worry, you will all have an amazing time! Our son has Autism & ADHD & although it is challenging, we all still have a great time.

You need to take a DLA award letter dated within the past 12 months. Is it high rate care? If so this will be sufficient for a green pass. If lower then the paediatricians letter would help especially if they candetail his needs such as avoiding queues etc. This is what we have taken every time & been given green card.

There are specific areas for disabled guests to watch shows/parades etc & for meet/greets. For meet/greets you may be given a return time which will allow you to go do something else until your time is due for having the meet without queueing or at most 5-10 minutes.

You will speak with a Cast Member at Town Hall or Donalds Desk to get your green or orange pass, you should get the green pass with DLA letter & paediatricians letter. Tell the Cast Member all the problems you think you will face & they will assist with the correct pass & more info.

While I’m here, i know you said you have already booked but having the DLA letter entitles your son to have a FREE CARER each day. If you have booked a package you could be entitled to the cost of YOUR ticket cost back (as you will be his carer).

If you need any further info feel free to ask & try not to worry. You WILL have some testing moments but at the end of the day it will be magical. As i said, our son has his own issues & it can be damn frustrating at times (it’s his way or the highway) but the good will far outweigh the bad & the disability pass really helps!

Kind Regards

Visitors with Disabilities
Hi Dave,

Sounds to me like the operator you spoke too is not aware of the rules fully (unless they have changed hugely in past week or so, which i highly doubt)

Firstly, you can pay monthly at the Annual Pass office at Disneyland Paris. You just need your bank details (including IBAN number) & proof of address & passport.

Secondly, you absolutely are entitled to a free carers ticket each day you are there. If it makes you feel better you could call again & you will most likely speak to an operator with a better understanding who will confirm what i have told you. There are hundreds of operators & unfortunately they do get it wrong occasionally.

Kind Regards

Ride Closures & Refurbishments 2018
Hi Bernie,

At this stage it isn’t 100% accurate & osures/refurbs are only known 3 months in advance. I’m afraid you won’t get a better idea of finalised dates for February until about November time onwards.