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Rainforest Café Menu

Rainforest Cafe Disneyland ParisRainforest Café is situated in Disney Village at Disneyland Paris. This is one of the most highly themed restaurants at Disneyland Paris & a huge hit with kids & adults alike.

Join the expedition deep into the heart of the Amazon where you will dine surrounded by exotic animals, birds & even fish! Every few minutes a “thunderstorm” rolls in & the sound of rumbling thunder accompanied by lightning & the soothing sound of rainfall passes by.

The animals on display are fully functioning animatronics which move & make sounds throughout your meal. This is more than a restaurant……. this is an experience! Once you have finished your meal you can visit the Rainforest Café shop to pick up a plush toy or tropical trinket to memorialise your visit.

Check out the Rainforest Café menu below (prices 2018)

Cocktail & Drinks Menu

cocktails & drinks rainforest cafe

Starters to Share

startes to share rainforest cafe


salads rainforest cafe


Main Courses & Pasta

main courses rainforest cafeDesserts & Birthday Cakes

desserts & birthday cakes rainforest cafeCHA CHA Set Menu – €23.99

cha cha menu 23.99 rainforest cafe


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