King Ludwigs Castle Menu

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King Ludwigs Castle Menu

We don’t have a physical copy of the menu at the moment but here is the menu choices. Please note some prices may have risen slightly.

Appetizers to share

– Pretzel with Kaltenberg mustard – 2,50€

– Basket of potato skins with salsa and guacamole for dipping – 5,50€

– Panier de Bouchée à l’indienne – 5,90€
Basket of onion badjl, vagatable and curry samoussa, pakora and sweet chili sauce

– Basket of onion rings, with BBQ sauce – 7,90€

– Basket of chicken pops with BBQ sauce – 8,50€

– Flam, petite flammekueche :
“Saucisses” : Flamenkush with smoked sausage, onions, swiis cheese, sour cream and cumin – 6,90€
“4 Fromages” : Flamenkush with emmental, mozzarella, goat’s cheese, blue cheese, onions, sour cream, posto and basil – 8,90€
“BLTO” : Flamenkush with cherry tomatoes, bacon, rocket salad, swiss cheese, onions and sour cream – 7,90€


– French onion soup with a melted swiss cheese topping – 7,90€

– Caesar salad with chicken breast – 9,50€
romaine lettuce, red onions, parmesan cheese, and croutons tossed in King Ludwig’s Caesar sauce


– La “César Palace” – 17,90€
Generous mix of romaine lettuce, marinated shrimp, chopped egg, tomato, onion, parmesan cheese, croutons and King Ludwig’s Caesar sauce

– “Dolce Vita” – 17,90€
Aubergines, bell peppers, zucchini marinated and grilled on a bed of crisp, mixed lettuce, coppa, mozzarella and vinaigrette dressing


– Pizza King Beef – 17,50€
Smoked beef, mushrooms, red onions, sun dried tomatoes, pesto, mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce

– Pizza Reine – 16,50€
Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, ham, mushrooms

– Pizza Végétarienne – 16,50€
Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, grilled vegetables, tomato confit

– Pizza du Château – 17,90€
Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, marinated slices of BBQ chicken, pineapple, red onions, coriander.


– Au canard – 17,90€
Flamenkush with duck confit, onions, cheese, mushrooms, pesto, sour cream and cumin. Served with side salad.

– Aux fromages – 16,90€
Flamenkush with blue cheese, goat’s cheese, onions, leaks, pine nuts, pesto, sour cream and cumin. Served with side salad.

Main course

– Grand carpaccio de Bœuf mariné au pistou – 18,90€
Raw fine slices of beed marinated with pesto, mozzarella, “Cucunci” capers, rocket salad and french fries.

– Tartare de bœuf Charolais “aux couteaux” – 17,90€
Raw Charolais steak tartare with house seasoning served with french fries and a side salad.

– Schnitzel – 18,50€
Breaded turkey escalope served with french fries.

– Pavé de Cabillaud rôti sur peau – 22,90€
Filet of cod, green vegetable risotto and pesto

– Faux-Filet de bœuf – 23,90€
Grilled sirloin steak, french fries served with sauce of your choice [pepper, shallot, béarnaise]

– Côte de bœuf grillée – 26,90€
Grilled rib of beed, served with french fries and sauce of your choice [pepper, shallot, béarnaise]


– Bretzel Burger – 19,90€
Cheeseburger garnished with bacon, Franckfurter sausage, rocket salad, sauerkraut, munster and emmental cheeses, bavarian mustard, served on a pretzel with french fries

– Ludwig’s Burger – 18,90€
Cheeseburger garnished with emmental and cheddar cheeses, bacon, fried onion ring, iceberg lettuce, King Ludwig’s Caedar sauce, served on a bun with french fries.

– “Le French” Chicken Burger – 20,90€
Chicken filet burger topped with emmental cheese, fried onion ring, rocket lettuce, King Ludwig’s Caesar sauce, served on a bun with french fries


– Chouchroute Royale
For 1 : 22,90€
For 2 : 39,90€
Smoked roast pork loin, smoked sausage, Frankfurter, veal and poultry sausages, potatoes served on a dome of sauerkraut

– Tartiflette des Montagnes au Munster – 18,90€
Creamed potatoes “au gratin” with bacon bits, onions, munster cheese and mixed salad

– Demi-Poulet Rôti – 18,90€
Roast half-chicken cooked in mild spices, french fries


– Coupe “Cookie Dough” – 7,20€
Cookie dough ice cream sundae, caramel and chocolate sauces, cookie bits and whipped cream.

– Vanilla Crème brûlée – 5,90€

– Strudel aux Pommes – 6,90€
Apple strudel served with vanilla custard cream

– Tiramisu speculoos biscuits – 6,50€

– Profiterole au Chocolat – 7,50€
Profiterole with vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate sauce and whipped cream

– Baba au Rhum façon “Kouglof” – 7,90€
Baba rum cake flavored with caramel and rum, whipped cream

– Café gourmand – 8,90€
Your choice of coffee accompanied with a selection of solf centered chocolate cake, tiramisu with speculoos, and yuzu financier.

– Birthday cake – 25€

Menus of King Ludwig’s Castle

– Menu 23,50€ : starter + main course or main course + dessert
– Menu 26,50€ : starter + main course + dessert

Choice :

Starter (without menu – 7,50€) :

– Salade César : romaine lettuce, parmigiano reggiano, crouton tossed in a King Ludwig’s Caesar sauce
– Rillettes d’Oie : Goose “rillette”, pickles and toasted country bread
– Salade Caprese en verrine : Salad of mozzarella and cherry tomatoes with rocket lettuce, pesto and balsamic vinaigrette

Main course (without menu – 19,50€) :

– Pork shank braised in ber and served on a dome of sauerkraut
– Spätzle, grated emmental cheese, fried onions, garlic cream
– Pièce du boucher grillée (+3€), Our chef’s choice of steak with shallot sauce and french fries

Desserts (without menu : 6,50€) :

– Soft centered chocolate cake served with custard cream
– Iced nougat with red fruit marmelade
– Vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream

Menu until 5pm, every day except sunday and bank holidays : 14,90€

Dish of the day + Drink (mineral water / soda / beer / wine)

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