Ratatouille : The Adventure

Ratatouille : The Adventure

Ratatouille : The AdventureRatatouille : The Adventure is a family dark ride in Walt Disney Studios area of Disneyland Paris

Not only is Ratatouille : The Adventure a brilliant unique ride, but it is also the centre point of a whole new “land” created at Disneyland Paris. As well as the ride there is a Ratatouille merchandise shop Chez Marianne & a Ratatouille themed restaurant called Chez Remy.

You will be shrunk down to the size of a rat as you try to escape the clutches of the crazy cooks from the kitchen! The ride is of course, based on the hit Pixar movie “Ratatouille”. The attraction features the latest motion based “trackless” technology as well as an enhanced 3d experience bordering on 4d.

Ratatouille : The Adventure Ride

Ratatouille : The AdventureRatatouille : The Adventure is unique to Disneyland Paris & was part of a major expansion for Walt Disney Studios in 2004. The exterior of the ride is themed around the restaurant of Gusteau in the area now called Place de Remy.

The queue area has many posters dreamed up by imaginears as we enter the inside of the building & find ourselves on the rooftops of Gusteau’s restaurant in Paris. We pick up our 3d glasses and board our “Ratmobiles”. Each carriage holds up to 6 persons with 3 on front & 3 on back.

We are now the size of a rat & begin scurrying above the rooftops before seeing Remy & his imaginary Chef Gusteau deciding what to cook. Of course they decide on Ratatouille. We move on but manage to fall through a glass pane & into the kitchen below! We are chased by “Skinner” and other cooks in a mad chase scene through the kitchen, under a stove, through the vents & into the restaurant itself. Chef Linguini aids our escape & we finish in a room filled with other rats celebrating the cooking of Remy and partying.

Ratatouille : The Adventure Effects

the effects are quite simply extraordinary! Although I can tell you of all the effects and you can watch the video below……. nothing will quite prepare you for just how unique & utterly amazing this ride is. It really does have to be experienced in person to truly feel the enormous pleasure you get from riding. The technology is amazing, the 3d effects are like nothing you have seen before & the free movement of the “ratmobiles” is a joy to behold.

During the ride you will also feel hot bursts when you are under an oven, a cool breeze when we hide under a fridge & even smell fresh bread, oranges & delightful cooking when we are in the kitchen! There is a scene where a champagne bottle pops & we feel the rush of air & spray from the bottle. No video or description can quite capture the intensity of this ride.

Ratatouille : The Adventure Tips

This is a premium ride & therefor has premium length queues. Try to ride first thing in the morning or use the Fastpass system to cut down on queues which can be up to 2 hours or more.

Smaller guests should ride at the front of the ratmobiles for an unrestricted view of the 3d screens.

On the exit you can get a view inside Chez Remy restaurant which is beautifully themed & highly recommended for a meal.

Don’t forget to place your 3d glasses in the boxes provided after riding

The trackless riding system means that there are around 50 different routes each ratmobile can take giving a different experience each time you ride.

Ratatouille : The Adventure video



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