Pirates Beach

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Pirates Beach

La Plage Des Pirates - Pirates beachPirates Beach is situated in Adventureland area of Disneyland Paris. In French it is named “La Plage des Pirates” & is a small playground area for younger children. It is a great place to have a wind down in one of the most scenic areas of Disneyland. It is located very close to Captain Hooks Pirate ship.

This is an ideal spot for kids aged 10 or under to fulfil their fantasy of being a pirate on an adventure. With mini rope bridges, climbing frames, slides & other great activities, this is the place to let your kids just have some fun!

There are a few seating areas with full view of the area so you can keep an eye on your precious cargo while you take a breather. The Pirates Beach area is usually fairly quiet so your children can enjoy themselves without time limits.

Why not schedule in a short stop in this area to recoup your self. It is nice to sit back, relax and perhaps have a small drink or a spot of lunch and watch your kids enjoying themselves. Disney doesn’t have to be a hectic dash from one ride to the next & it is great to just take in the atmosphere sometimes…. especially in one of the most themed areas of the park.

Pirates Beach Tips

You may be in Disneyland with lavish rides & attractions but kids still love to play at a play park. Let them have fun for 10 minutes while you take the weight off your feet!

There are usually no wait times or queues at Pirates Beach

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