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Visiting Disneyland Paris with Disabilities

Disneyland Paris takes it’s responsibilities to those with disabilities very seriously and tries to go above & beyond the norm to bring the magic of Disney to everyone whether theyhave a physical disability, reduced ability or cognitive & unseen disabilities. You can view the official guide HERE which will help you plan your stay and we have listed below the main points to help you have a magical stay.

First Aid at DLP

There are dedicated First Aid rooms at Disneyland Paris in both the Studios & the Disneyland Park itself if you begin to feel unwell or need any sort of medical attention. Please also check out our DLP FIRST AID GUIDE.

  • Disney Studios – Front Lot between Studio Services & Studio Photo shop
  • Disneyland Park – Between Plaza Gardens Restaurant & Discovery Arcade

Are there different levels of Disability Pass?

There are 2 levels of Pass currently on offer. These are the Easy Access Card & the Priority Card.

How do I obtain one of the Disability Passes?

You can obtain your Easy Access Pass (sometimes called a Facility Pass) or Priority Pass at Town Hall in Disneyland Park or Studio Services in the Walt Disney Studios.

Will I be eligible for a Disability Pass?

Disability passes are given on a case-by-case basis so we cannot answer this accurately for you.

Easy Access Pass

The Easy Access Pass is usually coloured Orange & is for use by those who have a disability which does not need you to be registered disabled but still means you have disability issues. This could be for things such as being pregnant or having a broken leg amongst many other things. The Easy Access Pass gives you entrance to the Disability access areas & entrances but DOES NOT give you priority access.

You will need an original document dated within the last 3 months prior to your visit, signed & stamped by your doctor certifying that you have a temporary or debilitating illness or you are pregnant. You will be entitled to add ONE person to your card as a helper. If you need more people added (such as children who couldn’t be left alone while you ride) then mention this to the Cast Member when you apply for your pass.

Priority disabilities Pass
Priority disability Pass

Priority Disability Pass

The Priority Disability Pass is usually coloured Green at Disneyland Paris & allows disabled guests & up to 4 carers priority access at certain attractions. Queuing times will be dependant on visitor numbers but is generally much less than the average standard wait times.

The Pass can be only be used if the person with the disability intends to ride the attraction. You will need an original document dated within the last 3 months prior to your visit, signed & stamped by your doctor certifying that you have a disability or a European disabled Parking Badge.


For safety reasons all disabled guests who :

  • is mobility or visually impaired
  • has a cognitive or mental disorder
  • has learning disabilities
  • has autism or a behavioural disorder

must be accompanied by at least one able-bodied helper who is over 18 & capable of helping them.


Guide & Assistance Dogs

Guide & Assistant Dogs are welcomed throughout the Disneyland complex and also on certain attractions. These dogs also have use of the garden areas. It is advisable to bring a drinking bowl for your dog for use throughout the day. Cast Members are not authorised to look after dogs at any time. If you wish to ride an attraction which does not allow Guide Dogs then please leave them with one of your helpers.

Disabilities at DLPWheelchair Rentals

Wheelchairs can be rented at the Wheelchair & Strollers Rental point just inside each of the Disney Parks. They cannot be pre-booked and are subject to availability each day. The cost is currently €15 per day (current 2016 price) & a deposit of €150 is required by cheque or credit card imprint. Cast Members are not authorised to accompany you around the Disney parks. If you own a Dream Annual Pass then hire is FREE!




  1. They really take good care of you, I went to Disneyland with my Son. He cannot walk so first we headed towards the Donald desk and They really took good care of us and helped sport out stuff for us. Their accessibility maps also helped us a lot. All in all it was a great and fun visit.

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    • Hi Alan,

      I wish i could give you a definitive answer. Your circumstances can really depend on which CM deas with you. Some will follow the rules strictly to the letter but others will use some common sense & be accommodating to your group… esecially if you have young children as part of your group. What is the make up of your group? How many adults/children & is it an adult or child with the disability?

      Kind Regards

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  2. I’m travelling with 3 friends we are all recovering from cancer treatment and have varying side affects from treatment mainly nerve damage and peripheral neuropathy which makes walking and standing too long painful, would be entitled to a green pass

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