Hello, I´d like to ask you – is it cheaper …

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I´d like to ask you – is it cheaper to buy tickets online or buy them at the park? I´ve been to DLP once and I bought it online, and then I saw everyone carrying around little sized tickets (they´re quite lovely)- those you get only if you buy them there?
Thank you so much!

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Annual Passes
So if I purchase it online, will I be able to use the pass 2nd day and 3rd day of my visit, when on th 1st day I go into the AP office?
And if I purchase it via the web you mentioned, will it be valid or is it better to do it on DLP website?
Thanks again!

Annual Passes
And if I may ask – if i buy two tickets for two days, can they upgrade both tickets (I´ll pay the price of Discovery minus twice the ticket)?

Or is it better to purchase the annual pass now before going? I don´t know how to do it online …
Thank you so much again!

Annual Passes
I’d like to ask you – if I want to update my ticket into an annual pass Discovery (I will pay the price minus what I paid for the ticket), does it matter that it will be on the day when the pass doesn’t allow you free entrance? Because I know you can’t be there 2nd and 3rd day after, does it matter? It’s on somewhere 27th to 29th October. Thank you 🙂

Annual Passes
Okey, good to know!
And do you know if they have different prices online and in the park? I know that it doesnt make a difference for me, when I´ll buy the annual pass, but for my friend who´s coming too 🙂 Thanks

Annual Passes
Thank you for such quick response!

I´ve been to DLP once and I bought a ticket online – so I was pretty upset to see everyone with their small tickets and I was carrying around a big piece of paper … so can you exchange it somewhere?

And for the annual pass – I found out you have to do it the day of my visit, not after, which sucks. So my question is what is better – to do it online, or buy online ticket and upgrade it in the centre, or buy the ticket there and then upgrade it (but the tickets there are more expensive, right?)

Thank you again!