Hello :) we are wanting to buy x1 dream pass …

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Hello 🙂 we are wanting to buy x1 dream pass amd x4 fantasy for our trip in May 2017. We dont plan to buy until October but was wondering what the best way to do this was? There doesnt seem to be an option online to buy different passes in 1 transaction (other than a french form that can be printed off and posted, but im struggling to translate), so was looking for some guidance. Thankyou.

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Annual Passes
Yes i know i was suprised too! I might try that on the website see if that works. Do you think it may be worth me emailing front desk again in the hope that maybe i just got a grumpy CM? Nat.

Annual Passes
Well, i emailed front desk only to be told they dont handle email requests and i have to call an 0844 number they gave me. Didnt really want to have to do that as costs a lot and wanted written confirmation really 🙁

Annual Passes
Thankyou Billy, i have emailed the front desk at NPB to ask.