It says you can pick a regular dress for the …

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It says you can pick a regular dress for the 120 princess for a day package.But i just want to know which dresses are regular dresses.

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Princess for a Day Makeover
That’s great
Thanks the that info.

Princess for a Day Makeover
Anna or elsa

Princess for a Day Makeover
Anybody know what the standard dresses are?

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Booking Travel
Ok, thanks for the reply

Booking Travel
Hi, ive decided to ask for help here as its the site that regularly gives replies and is reliable.
I just purchased 5Aps (flex plus) on a recent trip to dlp and am on the monthly payment plan.
Now the reason i bought these APs in the first place was to have the option to get room only rates at dlp at discounts. Upon arriving back we have been planning next summers trip and i Decided to call dlp to get room only rates etc. When i called i was told AP holders cannot book yet and it would be nearly March again rates where available to me.Is this correct info?
If so i find it disgraceful treatment of holders who fund the resort and take time and effort to visit frequently. One off visitor’s are better treated than me who actually lost the guts of a whole day on my 3 day visit a few weeks back queueing for the bloody things, which is another matter for a different day. Please tell me the info i was given is incorrect.

Internet & Wi-Fi Areas
It says Disney are expected to roll out wifi in the parks at the end of 2016 or the beginning of 2017. Has this happened yet.

Annual Passes
Oh, that’s an option.
So do you know how much id pay upfront for 5. And can this be done over the phone?

Annual Passes
If you choose to pay a monthly option on the passes will you still get 20%discount on those passes for purchasing 5?